Sunlight Hearts
02:11:25 Lys
I think so, he's very handsome
Kelpie Keep
02:10:28 Kel
Night! 😉
Foggy Hill Manor
02:10:20 Foggy/Hill/Sara
Is he worth it?
-HEE Click-
Sunlight Hearts
02:09:29 Lys
Alright sleep well, goodnight Kel
Kelpie Keep
02:09:12 Kel
Me, my mom, my dad, and my little sister
Kelpie Keep
02:08:42 Kel
Okay, it's 1am, I should probably go to sleep now 😄
Sunlight Hearts
02:08:07 Lys
Who's us? And im sorry, in a way we do need bullies but in a way we don't.. Ooo it's always that equilibrium we strive for. Look at me all philosophical.
Kelpie Keep
02:06:26 Kel
I agree, my extended family on both sides are pretty toxic also, at least to us.
Sunlight Hearts
02:03:37 Lys
Reality is cruel. I couldn't imagine living my life without the experiences I've had or else I wouldn't be who I am today you know. I just want everyone around me to be happy
Kelpie Keep
02:01:49 Kel
I'm sure you'll be a good parent 😉
It still pisses me off though, you shouldn't have to be used to it
Sunlight Hearts
02:01:40 Lys
Okay so I was close 😋
Bumblebee Stables
02:00:29 Tea/Bee 🐝
SD = Single Discipline | AD = All discipline.
Sunlight Hearts
02:00:05 Lys
Im so used to it at this point. I'm almost out though. My kid will never have to go through what I did. They will be good on communication skills and will talk to me... I hope.
Kelpie Keep
01:59:42 Kel
SD - Single Discipline
AD - All Discipline
Sunlight Hearts
01:58:34 Lys
all discipline, to specific discipline?
Kelpie Keep
01:58:28 Kel
It's not great, but it'll do.
I never cared for people who make their kids uncomfortable or scared because of their toxic relationships
Sunlight Hearts
01:57:57 Lys
What exactly is SD and AD
Sunlight Hearts
01:57:42 Lys
Okay, thank you
Bumblebee Stables
01:56:59 Tea/Bee 🐝
The second stud barely has training, and it's hard to tell since she's a SD and those two are AD. Try going for a WEE stud that's strong in Hrt, Scp, And Spd.
Sunlight Hearts
01:56:56 Lys
Wait I think I meant that to be if i'm out of the room, its worse... Sorry lol
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