Saffrons Chimeras
I know, i love her!
04:09:55 Asia
I love it!!
Saffron... Such Black Eyes
Kelpie Keep
04:08:38 Kel
04:08:06 Asia
So, i've decided to give some of my horses nicknames
any ideas for this one?
-HEE Click-
April $howers
04:07:13 April
I think my favorites where S.P.E.C.T.E.R. and Robber Baron's pieces, but they where all amazing
Saffrons Chimeras
-HEE Click-
Some how i got a 1 of 2 out of a ! of 21633 and a 1 of 16! Yessssssss
Kelpie Keep
04:06:45 Kel
Cool! I like it :)
Moorland skye
Yay I have money now.
04:06:14 Asia
Yes!! I'm gonna use that in part of the name, Maybe Tangled Web at Dawn
April $howers
04:05:34 April
I just finished voting for the rumble,
gah! their all so good!
Kelpie Keep
04:04:04 Kel
Tangled Web?
04:03:17 Asia
hmmm... I kind of like it lolz i might have that as his nickname, but i need a flash name for his actual name lolz
03:58:36 Dior // Kalani
Take two?
03:56:52 Asia
Lets play Name that Brindle!! lolz, just looking for name ideas
-HEE Click-
Stormsong Manor
03:56:40 Darth Ven
No, brindles are totally random.
Seattle Skyes
03:56:10 Washington
Dior, I've bred a brindle and a brindle together and got a brindle so I mean you may have that luck?
03:55:08 Dior // Kalani
I have a quest to breed a brindle foal.. isnt that a random thing? well that quest will be there for a while.
Penkat Stables
03:54:03 Pen | 🍞
I buy to fr all the time, but I always try to check the remarks because I feel bad when people pm me for their horse back :[
All Breeds
03:45:16 Fawn
Purchase a PPP horse and breed it to an EEE.
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