The Unknown
04:45:59 Dark The Almighty
Decor KM!
feather acres
04:45:01 KM/Aurora
Ok stupid question and how I noticed first lmao. How did you get a parrot in her image?
The Unknown
04:44:14 Dark The Almighty
-HEE Click-
She's an absolute beast
Full Stride Farm
04:42:46 FSF 🐴
NC girl here, apple :)
feather acres
04:42:39 KM/Aurora
I'm too scared to breed her next RO :P
Jericho Stables
Love her
feather acres
04:40:57 KM/Aurora
-HEE Click- guess I got pretty lucky with this one though
Jericho Stables
I wish I had grey. I'd love to get grey into my lines.
feather acres
04:38:23 KM/Aurora
I absolutely swear this account is cursed with greys and blacks. Got two EEE mares, both black. Bred them both one black one grey. Captured two horses a bit ago one grey one black XD
Moonland And Elites
04:37:20 M&E, Moo, Loony
One day i'm going to hit fuck it and sleep in this desk chair xD
Moonland And Elites
04:36:04 M&E, Moo, Loony
It's one of those days where your sitting at your desk and your tired so you go to bed but as soon as you lay down your not tired anymore so you go back to the desk and the cycle goes over again
04:35:19 Ace
I'm in the US. Eastern Standard time
White Wolf Hollow
04:35:17 Geralt of HEE
We're pratically neighbors ! lol
Jericho Stables
Ooohhh I'm in NY too
Manson Stables
04:34:46 MS
I’m up in South Dakota in the US
Wikkiga ISH
04:34:36 Wink || W.I.S.H
I live in New York, USA
Wikkiga ISH
04:34:18 Wink || W.I.S.H
White Wolf Hollow
04:34:14 Geralt of HEE
I live in Idaho, USA
Wikkiga ISH
04:34:05 Wink || W.I.S.H
5:33 for me
apple's crisp
04:33:34 apple
(If its not to personal)
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