Silver Isle Eventing
09:15:51 Silver
I think I found a nice dressage saddle that will fit me!
Wildwood Stud
09:08:13 SILVER/ Kate
Birch Wood Farms
ahh thank you
Wings Of Glory
09:05:14 O Great Potato Wing
birch she will grey out when shes older
Birch Wood Farms
will she grey out when shes older? i know normally they come out black then grey when the age but ive never seen one come out as a palomino

-HEE Click-
08:58:37 Rae | Chicko
-HEE Click-
Now why couldn't you have at least one more E
Mrs.Moo's Tea Shop
08:55:21 Mrs.Moo
Yeah sometimes he's like that guy that ghosts you after you pour your heart out to him.
Birch Wood Farms
you shouldnt have came out so pretty now i wanna keep you grr -_-

-HEE Click-
08:54:27 Legion
Supposed to, but I've had one or two instances where I didn't get anything
ah, got it, thanks!
But the love potion does something right? Doesn't he give you things or something like that?
Aylesbury Manor
08:53:44 Fenn
He gets really happy. If you give him a love potion, he'll give you presents.
MakeEm Fancy
08:53:35 Ally 🌺
I got my daughter the cutest winnie the pooh outfit today
08:53:34 Legion
He stops being a ball of anxiety about your spending habits
Mrs.Moo's Tea Shop
08:53:15 Mrs.Moo
It makes him happy, that's all. It's just a fun thing to do.
Does anything happen if you give your accountant coffee?
Mrs.Moo's Tea Shop
08:51:09 Mrs.Moo
Lol, one time I got a payout of 150k from capture a Tobiano.
Blitz Farms
08:49:13 Blitz [TB]
Just Add Honey
08:46:32 ChatKiller2.0
The fuck- i just completed a quest and got 15k... From capturing a tobiano..
Sun Dayzed Rescue
08:46:21 Dee / Sun
Does anyone know any good Winnie the Pooh show names or show names that would go with the name Winnie?
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