Wolf Dancer
06:21:15 Wolf Burger She/Her
Myth do you have any exciting matches for RO??
Shamrock Equines
06:19:49 Hadithi
Horse cookie
Redhead In Disguise munches the treat then stomps their feet wanting more.
06:19:42 Crazy Color Hoarder
Tried is with a sugar cube
Hopefully it will sweater her up for you

Redhead In Disguise crunches the treat then sticks their nose in your pocket.
Shamrock Equines
06:18:52 Hadithi
I have a green apple too...
06:18:13 Crazy Color Hoarder
I wanna try redhead again
I think I'm going to go do that
Knights Of Avalon
06:18:03 Khamma WB
She hates me and likes everyone else. T.T this does NOT bode well
06:17:13 Crazy Color Hoarder
I think that's all
Knights Of Avalon
06:16:44 Khamma WB
06:16:43 Crazy Color Hoarder
Redhead In Disguise munches the treat then stomps their feet wanting more

It was a green apple
4 winds Knns
knns so far that i know of
Shamrock Equines
06:16:11 Hadithi

Redhead In Disguise eats the treat then rubs their head against you.
lunar wood
what breed does appy come on?
Knights Of Avalon
06:14:49 Khamma WB
-HEE Click-
I'm afraid to try to breed her due to her treat history
4 winds Knns
oh i think i got light snowflake, the new ones appy
06:13:26 Crazy Color Hoarder
Not to be compared but cute in his own way
I'm keeping, he's pretty
-HEE Click-
The Lazy Ninja
06:10:01 Jessie
Thank you!
Ben Hur Stables
06:09:37 PUP/Snicklefritz
Same Jessie!
Ben Hur Stables
06:09:21 PUP/Snicklefritz
LOL Thanks!
The Lazy Ninja
06:09:14 Jessie
Thank you! Love your girl Pup
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