Crystal Gems Stables
08:19:24 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
i like skins
Elysium Opalus
08:18:50 Begone Thoughts
trivia prize donation wip perhaps? -Click-
08:17:25 West || Turnip
All hail reid
Markhor Manor
08:16:22 Mar
I'll have to check it out!
HillCrest Stables
08:14:22 Roan Addict
It's A Really good Show
Pineapple Ponies
Reid, Penelope, and Morgan were my absolute favorites!
08:12:40 West || Turnip
JJ is the best. Prentiss is a badass
Markhor Manor
08:11:53 Mar
JJ is beautiful lol
Markhor Manor
08:11:33 Mar
I cannot say that I have, HillCrest. Is it good?
08:11:32 Jacob
I like prentiss(sp) and JJ and almost all the ladies -.-
HillCrest Stables
08:10:10 Roan Addict
Has anyone here ever watch the The Waltons
08:09:08 West || Turnip
Yep go for the shorter cut with some scruff

I like it but Reid just makes it better
Markhor Manor
08:07:49 Mar
Mmm yes, the shorter hair cut is more attractive than his long hair in my opinion
HillCrest Stables
08:07:25 Roan Addict
You like Criminal Minds
08:06:51 West || Turnip
Mar I am on season 9 as well
08:06:31 West || Turnip
100% gonna make a shrine over this guy:
He definitely got hotter
Markhor Manor
08:06:14 Mar
Im currently in season 9 I think, I've got a long way to go haha
Heaven on Earth
08:05:51 Fishy Salad
I can't stop capturing SD horses 😂
Kairos Estate
08:05:42 Tobi | SD
I actually don't know what exactlu stung me. It wasn't a wasp or honey bee, as far as I can tell. I believe it was a hornet.
08:05:35 Jacob
I like that show. Hate that its over.
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