Wanderlusts Dream
03:56:49 Wander
Caaldir, doesn't look like the mare has any weaknesses. So sure
Caaldir Equestrian
03:55:50 Kel #2 / Deor
Will this be okay?
-HEE Click-
Wanderlusts Dream
03:55:44 Wander
No problem, good luck
Blue moon mountain
03:54:40 Blue
Alright. Thank you!
Wanderlusts Dream
03:54:27 Wander
Blue, I'd use a speed glass maybe. Otherwise, looks good
Blue moon mountain
03:53:39 Blue
Does this match look ok?

-HEE Click-
Sunstone Elite
03:53:32 Sun/Sunny
He's in his head, but our offensive line and defense have decided they do not want to play
River Bend Stables
03:50:32 River
Something tells me Rodgers is not Himself
Diagon Alley Elites
03:47:27 Dev
Yeah I can't handle this any longer
Diagon Alley Elites
03:47:08 Dev
Sunstone Elite
03:46:20 Sun/Sunny
😐and my hope is gone
03:41:13 puck
Ohh. I forgot that was a thing this year lmao
Diagon Alley Elites
03:40:40 Dev
No NFC championship is now, Super Bowl is in 2 weeks
03:40:01 puck
Wait is the superbowl happening right now?
Diagon Alley Elites
03:39:29 Dev
Diagon Alley Elites
03:39:16 Dev
Lol same. Anything to keep him from gettin another ring.
Sunstone Elite
03:37:35 Sun/Sunny
Right Dev? I am prepared to sell my soul just for a win...
03:37:11 Fenn
Ah, thanks Jeri <3
Jericho Stables
It wasn't any one horse. When the rating was added there were several horses who turned into WWW from EEE
03:34:55 Fenn
Who was the first WWW horse in the game? Just curious.
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