Your ugly Jumper
09:24:48 I Love foooooooood:D
yay rain
ohh Mac :D
McSmith Ranch
09:24:00 Mac | Thing 2
WP is usually more stable for some reason.
Ranch Lands Training
09:23:59 Lilly/PON Addict
Marry is super dehydrated and extremely skinny. We are at the vet right now trying to figure out what is wrong.
Raindrop Ridge
09:23:48 Four
I will officially be Premium once the person I bought from gets me the upgrade!!
Your ugly Jumper
09:23:31 I Love foooooooood:D
not for mw i could get onto WP
Montova Acres
09:22:07 Mon
All of the games were down
Your ugly Jumper
09:21:50 I Love foooooooood:D
yes i know i only just got back now
Ranch Lands Training
09:20:03 Lilly/PON Addict
We found Mary and Rocket. Yes I know I posted this earlier but my internet cut out and then I had to go to the vet
09:20:01 Kuro
Server went down
Moonlight Eventing
09:19:50 Moonlight
HEE is back!
Double C Stables
09:18:41 DC :D
CC Mustangs
09:18:31 CC, Cici, Soggy

Same! XD
Spirtasi Whims
09:18:13 Tasi / RIP Chat
Oh my god I just spent an hour trying to get back on, what happened?
Willow Brook Stables
It helps you recognize the horse's dominant skills so you can match it better or decide which gelding to keep and which ones to sell/FR
Most people track from the 4th week of training becuse unless you have a reeally strong horse it is unlikely to go up in week 3. So Week 4, Week 5, Week 6 etc.
Penkat Stables
08:03:06 Pen | 🍞
tracking training shows what stats your horses are weak in, and then you can use those to match for better foals.
08:02:44 Kuro
Every monday a you train your horses. That is one week. People usually start with week 4 (So it'd be 1 month since the foal started to train)
Wintergreen Gardens
08:02:37 Winter
Thank you! :D Im pretty much done with it! Im gonna post it soon ( for a contest) <3
Penkat Stables
08:02:30 Pen | 🍞
gah my premium poofed on me while I was on vacation
Shadow Eclipse
08:01:52 Hurley/Eclipse/Shado
I don’t know, I just hear a lot about people tracking there weeks? And I have no clue what it means or if I should do it
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