Savannah Stables
09:35:19 Dusty
If it wasn't thundering I'd just call it a shower and keep going lol
Savannah Stables
09:34:51 Dusty
It is POURING outside and I am hiding in the barn waiting till I can finish my ride
Forsaken Falls
09:20:23 Misty

That’s good! Hope it goes well for you.
Darley Heights
09:13:40 Deelad
Misty, I'm pretty great too! Just enjoying the weekend 🤌
Dark Forest Stable
09:12:41 Kelan/Rain
Alright time to start adulting. Bye all
Forsaken Falls
09:10:07 Misty

I’m great! 👍 How are you?
Darley Heights
09:08:58 Deelad
Morning Misty, how ya doing
Darley Heights
09:08:45 Deelad
I think I will 🤌
Forsaken Falls
09:07:30 Misty
Good morning everyone!
Elite Thourghbreds
09:05:30 sunny
Darley Heights
09:04:55 Deelad
Reroll or keep? 😍

-HEE Click-
8 Seconds
09:04:31 Ella
I would take a gelding over a mare about 90% of the time
Morning Glory Farms
08:56:50 Terici/Dino/Trish
The sorrel was started as a 3yr old and then just used as a broodie so I forgive her a little plus her pictures are shit lmao
8 Seconds
08:54:49 Ella
the black looks like a happier horse and more butt muscle
Da Smexy Sheep
08:53:31 Lil l Cando l Canlil
They are adorable!!
Morning Glory Farms
08:52:09 Terici/Dino/Trish
-Click- these are the two I'm actually interested in though
Morning Glory Farms
08:50:02 Terici/Dino/Trish
I'm going to look at 2 in particular, ones a dash for cash/goldseeker/triplelena bred 3 year old black gelding and the other is a 7 year old peppy san red mare but there's a few others I'm going to check out
08:44:51 Thunda/Cat/Mom
Oh! Trish!! Please do show!!
Dark Forest Stable
08:38:58 Kelan/Rain
that is exciting! Also yes, thick hair brigade here as well, they thin mine at my stylists because of how thick my hair is

That's really good to hear
Pegasus Lane
08:37:55 Peggy (or) Peg
That is so exciting Trish!
Any idea what you are looking for?
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