It's a beautiful filly. She'll definitely grow up to be a fine mare. :-)
Raven Hollow Elite
09:34:23 rAtTiUs
Legit thought you said 'my long weekend of meth' >~>
Raven Hollow Elite
09:33:33 rAtTiUs
I wasnt expecting albatross bay yo be the popular choice either XD
Galaxie Equidae
09:33:23 Gala
I'm hardcore regretting offering to cover someone for 3-4 hours at work on the first day of my long weekend. merh.
-HEE Click-

I love this filly
Nevermind...I got it. Thanks again, Jericho. XD
Oh...and thank you, Jericho.
Ooof...I still don't know how to clean my tack gear. lol
After The Storm
09:29:09 Decrepit Llama
pfft how will we know who you are? I put up a thread to change my LQ name and got shot down hard lol
Ugh... I need to buy a Sven....
Dancing in the Dark
09:27:25 Wild Rider
I am looking for a roleplay partner. You must be a literate writer and be able to play male. The plot is Warrior cat themed. PM me if you are interested.
Raven Hollow Elite
09:27:16 rAtTiUs
Raven may not be called Raven pretty soon
After The Storm
09:27:10 Decrepit Llama
I kinda just want to go get a flame thrower and do my driveway with that..
Purple Pegasus Farm
09:27:08 Graceful
Thanks Ink! <3
Emmas Eventers
Congrats Grey's
After The Storm
09:26:25 Decrepit Llama
Hi Raven
Grey's Kids
09:26:22 Mag's 2nd
and hopefully another beautiful colt :) -HEE Click- Cant test him yet but.. we'll see
Raven Hollow Elite
09:26:14 rAtTiUs
Oh hey friends i know :)*waves*
After The Storm
09:25:36 Decrepit Llama
woot woot! Congrats Mag!
Raven Hollow Elite
09:25:32 rAtTiUs
-HEE Click-
Id greatly appreciate if you guys voted <3
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