Moonland Ranch
08:20:12 Moony, Purple Army!
*From stock
Moonland Ranch
08:19:59 Moony, Purple Army!
Diamond, you forgot to say horse from a stock app
Diamond C Ranch
08:18:31 Diamond l Cumber Bud
I just use a background and cut out a horse. It's quite simple.
BTS Lionblaze Farms
08:17:34 Lion
Diamond, how do you do stable avatars? I just started with art so I'm clueless
Varian Arabians
08:17:18 Clock|Cucumber Bud 2
Oof, Lion! I forgot to resize your avi! I'm sorry:( Doing it right now!
BTS Lionblaze Farms
08:16:36 Lion
Unwanted Ones, sales chat please!
Moonland Ranch
08:16:20 Moony, Purple Army!
Unwanted, sales chat
Diamond C Ranch
08:16:04 Diamond l Cumber Bud
I use Photopea.
Moonland Ranch
08:16:00 Moony, Purple Army!
Jessie, go to sales chat for thar
Unwanted Ones
-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-

Cheap mares for brood
BTS Lionblaze Farms
08:15:49 Lion
Which editing site do you use??
Whoops wrong chat
Diamond C Ranch
08:15:48 Diamond l Cumber Bud
You should make you colors match your avi.
Diamond C Ranch
08:15:24 Diamond l Cumber Bud
Sales Jessie.
Anybody have any appendix quarter horses for sale?
Varian Arabians
08:14:28 Clock|Cucumber Bud 2
Xd, spring colors!!
Diamond C Ranch
08:14:00 Diamond l Cumber Bud
Wow! Cumber bud. I didn't know who you were for a second.
BTS Lionblaze Farms
08:13:10 Lion
I'm trying to create a horse avi for the first time and it's not going well..
Varian Arabians
08:12:33 Clock|Cucumber Bud 2
Are you sure? lol, I didn't get it...
08:10:30 MSA,moon,angel
Varian .. level 3 race joined!
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EEE X filly, moved sire +2 ABLB January 19, 2020 04:52 PM

deadwood dressage
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I have this X filly sor sale, 350k, negotiable. Dam has only produced EEE so far, sire was 24 ABLB, is now 22 after breeding her. Will trade for ABLB straw or another EEE maybe.

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