Jericho Stables
Yeah, he's yelling
Moncrief Eventing
10:41:53 Mon
O.o your accountant must be dead
Jericho Stables
More than that actually because I just bought another 300k mare yesterday.
Moncrief Eventing
10:35:52 Mon
Oh wow Jeri xD
~Emerald Acres Stud~
10:35:35 |Swifty|
lol just breed 2 EEE one after the other... this is a good breeding year I think
Jericho Stables
I wonder if I'm going to have enough EBs in time for roll over. I've bought 4mill worth of horses this month XD
Moncrief Eventing
10:27:24 Mon
Good art is extremely hard to resist
10:26:57 Moose TB's
I want to art. Bad. xD
Flying With Eagles
10:18:29 Flingy
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:17:11 Graceful
...But it had a bird, I couldn't resist.
Ryshadium RIDs
10:16:34 InkSpren
Bad Purp. But it is gorgeous!
Moncrief Eventing
10:15:41 Mon
It's okay Purp lol it's beautiful art
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:14:45 Graceful

Well, that RO saving isn't going all too great lol.
Moncrief Eventing
10:11:21 Mon
I'd love to have him xD
Heartland Eventing
What to do with him?

-HEE Click-
10:10:08 Bee 🐝
Thanks! I am a bit blown away!
Moncrief Eventing
10:07:51 Mon
-HEE Click-
Getting this little dude some Ven art. He's nothing special but he's a hopeful start to some more colorful ISH lines here. So in my mind it's deserved lol
Ryshadium RIDs
10:03:49 InkSpren
Wow, Bijoux!
Jellos Warmbloods
10:02:51 Giggles Wubs
Holy crap, Bee! Congrats!!
White Hills
10:01:17 WH or Hills
I think so too lol, I should start stalking the shelter page again...
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W Producing, TBLB & WBLB Mares For Sale February 14, 2020 11:42 AM

Hemlock Farms
Posts: 2854
I have too many girls and not enough time to deal with tons of broods every year, so I'm selling some quality ladies to help lighten the load. Will likely have some more for sale after RO, once next year's reserved broods are used.
#68 TBLB Mare
1x WEE, 1x EWE, 2x EEE producer

Edited at February 14, 2020 01:41 PM by Hemlock Farms
W Producing, TBLB & WBLB Mares For Sale February 14, 2020 01:43 PM

Hemlock Farms
Posts: 2854
Only one girl left of the first batch. Check back after RO for likely more girls.

Forums > Horse Sales

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