Avalanche Acres
08:56:12 Llama's Side
I'd rather she had this snowflake pattern w/o the varnish. But it does look pretty nifty now.
Star Catcher Estate
08:55:56 Fleursie||Welcomer
That's not too bad. :D
I'm kinda sad that we haven't gotten any snow, but at the same time I'm happy we haven't gotten any snow XD
Avalanche Acres
08:55:37 Llama's Side
Isn't she just Keo :D
Avalanche Acres
08:55:13 Llama's Side
eh maybe 3 inches tops. Not much
Nordic Acres
08:55:08 Keo
Oh she's gooorrgeous llama 😱😱
Star Catcher Estate
08:54:48 Fleursie||Welcomer
How much snow?
Cranberry Stables
Bang pots and pan together XDD
Avalanche Acres
08:53:54 Llama's Side
Morning Fluer :D I'm okay. Trying to get the gumption up to go shovel :D
Cranberry Stables
-HEE Click-
Aww, he's going to be cute
Avalanche Acres
08:53:33 Llama's Side
-HEE Click- and this is one of the very few Varnish I don't want to get rid of.
Imagine Stars
08:53:20 Imagine
Llama, Kinda looks like my filly! -HEE Click-
Star Catcher Estate
08:52:12 Fleursie||Welcomer
Hey Llama
Hey Purp
How be ya'll today?
Cranberry Stables
Avalanche Acres
08:49:40 Llama's Side
-HEE Click- This is one of my favorite coats on this account. Didn't even bother with trying to reroll to a snowflake.
Kook Caked Stables
08:49:14 Kook/Caked/Cake
The meatballs were the only reason I would eat them
Star Catcher Estate
08:49:13 Fleursie||Welcomer
That test was stressful >.<
Kook Caked Stables
08:48:55 Kook/Caked/Cake
Avalanche Acres
08:48:54 Llama's Side
mine have to have the meatballs in it.
Kook Caked Stables
08:48:33 Kook/Caked/Cake
Eh, I wasn't a fan of them, though my twin is lol
Purple Pegasus Farm
08:48:08 Graceful
Varnish is a bummer. Makes everything look dull.
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