Montana Sky Stables
Liberty work is awesome,it teaches your horse to respect you,as long as you respect them.
Aurorae Warmbloods
11:56:57 Hawk eye <♡
I like medibang, but I have heard great things about procreate, if I could use it I would
Flying F Farms
11:44:22 Ren

From Game Guide:
Lethal White is implemented in this game. Two copies of White or Frame will result in a dead foal.
Interstellar Sun
11:43:57 Call me Sun
Makes sense now. Thanks. ^^
Moongold Valley
11:43:33 ☀️ Mina
It means you bred to white horses or 2 frames together, so the combo caused the foal to die and you did not get the foal
Interstellar Sun
11:42:50 Call me Sun
Foal, not goal.
Interstellar Sun
11:42:31 Call me Sun
I have a question.. what does the, "oops! Sadly the goal was lethal white and perished." Mean? I'm clueless, I've just now gotten back into HEE.
Thank you Silver, and Moonrose, I've only just now started using the chat feature. I haven't beforehand, thanks. :)
Moonrose Mountains
11:38:39 🌸 Diva
You cannot use chatspeak either, you have been playing quite a few months, should know this
11:38:37 Mack
So I want to make my art better, but Paint 3D is bootyhole. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Silver Isle Eventing
11:38:34 Shard
Maybe go over the chat rules in the link at bottom of the chat box. =]
Flying F Farms
11:38:02 Ren
Eury, sway back, or lordosis, can absolutely be the result of being inactive
oh sorry, tbh I didn't even know that was a thing
Silver Isle Eventing
11:36:00 Shard
@HopeEQ, that message belongs in sales chat. ;)
Badgers Equestrian
11:32:08 soulkeeper,Clay,soul
-HEE Click-
Badgers Equestrian
11:31:42 soulkeeper,Clay,soul
I think I bred a chimera
Silver Isle Eventing
11:27:58 Shard
Honestly, anything can be considered dangerous if taken too far, especially in the horse industry.
Greenheart Stables
11:26:32 Green/Moss
I think I have seen what your talking about, how some trainers get there horses to do things such as “Climbing ladders” (look it up and you will see) for clout
Kiber Stable
11:25:05 Kibbles
And now I better go do my groceries
Kiber Stable
11:23:09 Kibbles
For me I'd rather use my horse and train it into something I can use as a work tool.

My young horses go through a good measure of groundwork to be sure, but some of the "Liberty" shit people go on with is, as Eury said, dangerous fad shit
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ISO High WB/TB LB Brood October 12, 2021 02:04 PM

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Coming back from a LB breeding hiatus and need a good brood to get back in the game. I'd like to Sven either a high LB WB or TB mare to Tel Mivar.

I have no dealine, no budget and am completely flexible to already existing plans. If you have a mare I could use either post below or PM me a link to the mare, what year I could breed her, your brood price for her, and any recommendations you might have for her (ie always breed her 2nd or something).

Note: If Tel Mivar happens to get booted from the #1 WBLB spot, I will want to use the new #1 stud.

ISO High WB/TB LB Brood October 12, 2021 02:19 PM

Sunstone Elite
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I have got a couple TB and WB gals that I think would be a perfect fit :D Both can be found HERE! (The two I am thinking about are Ignacia and Idalia, however if you were looking for color as well, you could consider Malika). Edit; Ignacia has produced a top 25ABLB mare, and Idalia is currently 2/2 WW prod.

Edited at October 12, 2021 02:20 PM by Sunstone Elite
ISO High WB/TB LB Brood October 13, 2021 11:59 PM

Hayzed Pastures
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No idea on a price, but I would be open to brooding her out.

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