Gemstone Stable
08:06:24 ~ Snow ~ Gem

Ah, OK. I think I've captured and FRed a horse like that last year. lol That was before I understood SD. >.>
Spirtasi Whims
08:05:51 Tasi / Chat Killer
It comes up in chat every now and then but the original idea was like all the way back in April
08:04:52 Luna's Lily
Months?! I swear it was like 2 weeks ago! My mind is leaving me xD
Gemstone Stable
08:04:40 ~ Snow ~ Gem
Well, I should have known she'd have a flaw...

-HEE Click-

EEE filly is good in SCP, but not in MV. lol I'll take it!
Spirtasi Whims
08:04:08 Tasi / Chat Killer
It's what Ven said she wanted to breed on her PON account. A few months ago lol
08:03:48 DD (SA)
Mine seem to be weak in Intell and Speed for the most part. I'll take whatever good stats are given though! LOL

Your scopey RID is progressing nicely...
08:03:09 Luna's Lily
World class, Average, Premium.
I know it was talked about a could weeks ago and I looked and there is no horse with that rating in game. It's basically just kind of a meme, like the Cardi B song.
Mallery Show Stables
08:02:51 Kathy
You mean a WAP rating?
Gemstone Stable
08:02:06 ~ Snow ~ Gem

Oh! That's nice. Are ISH typically strong or weak in Int?
Gemstone Stable
08:01:28 ~ Snow ~ Gem

What's a WAP?
Gemstone Stable
07:59:26 ~ Snow ~ Gem
My scopey EEE RID colt had week 5 and week 9 completely full.

-HEE Click-

Its a step forward. XD
07:58:17 DD (SA)
Well, only one up, but on a wk 7... I'll take it.
-HEE Click-
07:57:13 Luna's Lily
Is anyone trying to breed a WAP?
Gemstone Stable
07:55:47 ~ Snow ~ Gem
Time to check this accounts training. :D
Gemstone Stable
07:53:06 ~ Snow ~ Gem

Oh, OK. :)
Thor Valley Stables
07:51:49 Thor
@Gem i know thats the point for her not to be sold
Gemstone Stable
07:51:46 ~ Snow ~ Gem

Then you want my stock! lol I hate all the reds I've gotten. Ick!
Gemstone Stable
07:51:13 ~ Snow ~ Gem

Hm, probably too high...
Gemstone Stable
07:50:23 ~ Snow ~ Gem
Just love it when I click to go to the store, but end up at explore. >.> hehe
Santana Rising
I'm actually really glad he is Ee! We struggle with too many black based TBs and I'm always happy about genes that even give the potential for a chestnut!
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ISO High WB/TB LB Brood October 12, 2021 02:04 PM

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Coming back from a LB breeding hiatus and need a good brood to get back in the game. I'd like to Sven either a high LB WB or TB mare to Tel Mivar.

I have no dealine, no budget and am completely flexible to already existing plans. If you have a mare I could use either post below or PM me a link to the mare, what year I could breed her, your brood price for her, and any recommendations you might have for her (ie always breed her 2nd or something).

Note: If Tel Mivar happens to get booted from the #1 WBLB spot, I will want to use the new #1 stud.

ISO High WB/TB LB Brood October 12, 2021 02:19 PM

Sunstone Elite
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I have got a couple TB and WB gals that I think would be a perfect fit :D Both can be found HERE! (The two I am thinking about are Ignacia and Idalia, however if you were looking for color as well, you could consider Malika). Edit; Ignacia has produced a top 25ABLB mare, and Idalia is currently 2/2 WW prod.

Edited at October 12, 2021 02:20 PM by Sunstone Elite
ISO High WB/TB LB Brood October 13, 2021 11:59 PM

Hayzed Pastures
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No idea on a price, but I would be open to brooding her out.

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