Arabian times
Sunnyday, do you want an eb? xD
The Black
06:20:34 Fawn
Plz instead of please. OMG, OML, LOL, LMAO are the only words allowed
Equine Dream
06:19:45 horse girl
what you mean
The Black
06:19:23 Fawn
Equine please don't use chatspeak
New Moon Stables
06:18:58 SunnyDay
I’m short 1 eb. 1 EB!
Equine Dream
06:18:36 horse girl
-HEE Click-
can i have your thoughts plz
New Moon Stables
06:18:29 SunnyDay
What the most disappointing yall have experienced recently?
All Breeds
06:16:18 Fawn
Thank you :D Currently trying to breed all my horses up xD
06:14:33 Tammy
ohh pretty boy Fawn
~ Hades ~
06:14:13 Kittack
Arabian times
So pretty *-*
All Breeds
06:12:53 Fawn
Yesss he has the new ToTo pattern
-HEE Click-
Arabian times
Sorry, this is a little random- The weather was so nice yesterday and now its literally thunder, rain and lightning...
~ Hades ~
06:06:03 Kittack
It's almost been a year since I got him
Arabian times
~ Hades ~
05:58:00 Kittack
Ugh why am I so emotional. I just remembered it's Flash's birthday next week and I started crying
~ Hades ~
05:54:57 Kittack
His back has the GSD sable though
~ Hades ~
05:54:44 Kittack
Yeah. You only really see the kelpie, terrier and amstaff in him though,
Madsie Manor
05:54:01 Madsie // 🥝
Oh thank you :) I’m not too good with abbreviations
Diagon Alley Elites
05:52:41 Dev
JackRussel Terrier and German Shepherd Dog
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