@Madsie that's what i first thought of when i saw it lol

@California Valley i can relate lol
08:03:28 Madsie // 🥝
HLS he has a wing of eye liner on his face I can’t lmeo
California Valley
08:03:11 Cali | Kale | Csli
The amount of times I have caught a subsubsub with a map is sad
Mustang Ranch HLS
08:02:18 Ace/HLS
-HEE Click- Oo
River Bend Stables
08:01:04 River
-HEE Click- He is absolutely Stunning
Arctic Dusk
07:58:51 AL's RID
Ellie, I don't think so unless you have the matches in the Matchmaker
~ Hades ~
07:47:32 Queen Of Fpoons
Just as I go to move my foot from it's uncomfortable position Flash places half of his body on it. Dogs, I swear to god
Gelt Bridge RIDs
07:38:26 Gelt/Ellie 🐴
Is there a way to see what mares have been put up for brood if mailbox deleted game mail
07:37:45 Kidd
Chimera is random factor anyways.
Rockrose Eventing
07:26:35 skye
i got one as my log in gift today so may give it a shot
Lotus Flower Estate
07:21:09 ᪥ Lotus
Rock i didnt use a map and i got a EEE mare, so i wouldn't bother with maps
Lotus Flower Estate
07:19:37 ᪥ Lotus
07:12:23 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Maps work but does not guarantee a good rating
07:11:44 Ceci / (Call me) AL
You cant look up chimera studs unless they have it in name
Rockrose Eventing
07:09:57 skye
are maps any use while capturing or not lol
Slytherin Stables
07:09:17 Slytherin Queen
How do you look up Chimera studs?
~ Hades ~
07:06:07 Queen Of Fpoons
Ladybird Estate
07:02:15 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Oop she as EGD
Wings Of Glory
06:50:40 O Great Potato Wing
hand drawing dapples is going to be the end of me
Lotus Flower Estate
06:42:10 ᪥ Lotus
-HEE Click-

She is so ugly 🙃😑
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