08:47:00 Irish Capp
Ouuuu Fawn shes gorgeous *.*
Spirtasi Whims
08:46:56 Tasi / Chat Killer
Random factor gave me a EWW in a sea of PPPs. Thats the first in a long time
Wraithcry Farm
08:46:45 Ball Python Mom
They are really fast when they strike haha.
Gem Queens Estate
08:46:24 Queen Gem Snow

I think the random factor has been mostly horrible since RO. :(
08:46:02 Breezie's X
-HEE Click-
At least one horse likes me
All Breeds
08:45:57 Fawn
I do have this RID gal that I got. Going to redo that match again xD
-HEE Click-
08:45:19 Luna's Lily

I need any Stud at this rate. I have 2, but they don't match most of my horses and I have yet to find a stud I can actually use. Ferd and Haustbrann were my boys and they gave me such beautiful EEE girls and even got me a line started! I have 1 EEE foal left from that line and next year is her maiden year and I'm terrified!
Greenheart Stables
08:44:48 Green/Moss
Yeah she just nibbled me and let go once she realized I was too big, I think it was because I touched the cat and she had not been fed yet, my fault not hers lol and it’s was the suddenness of the whole thing that spooked me
08:44:47 Breezie's X
-HEE Click-
There are no words..
Wraithcry Farm
08:44:00 Ball Python Mom
Only one of mine is really picky. If you get one, and need help, message me. I can help :)
Running R Ranch
08:43:19 RRR (Jo)
He's getting me excited now that week 5 is done :D
-HEE Click-
Wraithcry Farm
08:43:01 Ball Python Mom
Yes I have been bit. Mainly my fault because I helped hubby with his rats then stuck my hands in my largest ones tank lol. He got me. It scared me more than it hurt though
Gem Queens Estate
08:42:23 Queen Gem Snow

I have a EEE RID colt that is kinda scopey. Week 4 and 8 had it go up.

Maybe you should start lower and build it up? That's what I'm trying to do. And avoid chestnuts too.
Greenheart Stables
08:41:50 Green/Moss

Have you ever been bit by one of your sneks? My aunt had a somewhat large ball python and she got me right on the pinky and got blood everywhere
Spirtasi Whims
08:41:49 Tasi / Chat Killer
Breezie one day you're gonna breed the next top RID horse, I just know it! Even if they are the fucking worst and hate everyone, you got this dude!
Gem Queens Estate
08:41:03 Queen Gem Snow

Oh dear! Sounds like you need a INT stud. lol
Dunhill Farms
08:40:36 Colorful Capp
Nuu Breezie <3
All Breeds
08:40:23 Fawn
I know they don't make great first time snakes given they can be finicky eaters but I also have 9 lizards and a couple (mainly the leopard geckos) can be picky xD
Goat Mama
08:39:37 Breezie / Goat
I’ve tried for so long. Maybe I just should stop ;-;
Wraithcry Farm
08:39:08 Ball Python Mom
They are great snakes Fawn
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