Hummingbird Meadows
09:51:19 Hummer
@Ani, why were you in the ER? That might contribute to you being seen sooner. My personal experiences with the ER have been mostly positive with one bad where a doctor walked in and said he refuses to treat me.
The Joker
09:51:09 Ari <3
What country do you live in if you don't mind me asking? 👀
i live in a very small town
09:49:58 Ani | Ant 🌚
hmm, what ERs are you all going to? my ER it takes like 5-30 minutes to be seen. 😅
Stormsong Manor
09:49:55 Ven
Having a .21 BAC, taken about an hour after I wrecked, also contributed
Moonlit Sandy Night
09:49:54 Sandy
I have 7 horses that I entered into shows. It's a start. :D
all they did was X-ray it and give me two meds and sent me home
Dixie Sccy Stables

So gorgeous!
Sunstone Elite
09:49:01 Sun/Sunny
-HEE Click- Was going for a PPP but I'll take that too LOL
Hummingbird Meadows
09:48:15 Hummer
@Mineola, yup. That is what happened to my uncle.
Stormsong Manor
09:48:10 Ven
I've never been to the ER as an adult. They wanted to take me after my car wreck but I said hell no. I'll ice that crap at home. This is America and I have the worst health insurance known to man
Sorry to butt into the conversation but my ER here sucks too they took 5 hours to even look at my back and I was the only one there
Hummingbird Meadows
09:45:33 Hummer
My uncle went to the ER this week and was complaining about his experience at our family dinner last night. He said if you ever need to go to the ER you should go to a different hospital, to me it just sounded like the typical american ER experience.
Stormsong Manor
09:44:23 Ven
Don't have your baby at Good Sam hospital on Long Island.
Stormsong Manor
09:43:29 Ven
Also want to say the worst pain I've ever been in was not the labor, but the shit post-op with my incision and bloating underneath it. However many muscle layers had just been cut and they expected me to chill with no real pain meds. I got like super Tylenol or whatever.
Hummingbird Meadows
09:42:32 Hummer
@Ven, yes! and it drives me nuts! Not everyone coming into the ER is a drug addict and pain meds can help with managing pain!
Stormsong Manor
09:41:21 Ven
The doctors around here, or the good ones at least, are so tight with the opiate pain meds. They sent me home with one day of Percocet after my emergency c-section. I think it was two pills. I didn't have an epidural in the day and a half I was in labor leading up to the surgery. They were very conservative with what pain meds I got post-op and I was in agony with gas under my incision. I have zero history of drug abuse. It's just how they are now
Glacier Bay KNNS
That sucks
The Old Gods
09:35:54 Void Malign
I fucked up something in my back from hauling around a too heavy backpack in undergrad
Glacier Bay KNNS
I am sorry to hear that
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