Lucky Stables
02:54:59 Marty McMucha
I noticed :DD seems to be one of his good years lmao
02:54:41 Tea || Snaink
-HEE Click- ????
02:54:04 Tea || Snaink
me over here with my random SWW KNN colt like the fuck do I do with you
Epsilon Acres
02:53:12 Eps
Holy fuck. Poseidon is throwing a shit ton of WWs this RO
02:52:55 K
Who matches better do you think

Match 1
-HEE Click-

Match 2
-HEE Click-
02:51:51 Tea || Snaink
Lilac Fields
02:51:43 Lillie
Absolutely, no need to worry about lethal white
Lucky Stables
02:51:25 Marty McMucha
Ayyy where's the color though T-T -HEE Click-
02:50:54 K
So could I still do this match then -HEE Click-
Lilac Fields
02:50:04 Lillie
That only happens with Frame and White horses, not splash white:)
02:49:54 Tea || Snaink
There are loads of homo Spl horses
02:49:38 Tea || Snaink
Dominant white and overo are the only patterns that cause lethal white. Splash does not
02:49:18 K
They are both splash white so the foal would be lethal white :(
02:49:07 Tea || Snaink
-HEE Click- *snort*
Lilac Fields
02:48:50 Lillie
Why can't you use him?
02:47:44 K
Dammit I need help only just realised the stud I had picked for my girl -HEE Click- is splash white like her so I can't use him :( do any of whizs boys match her I can't tell :(
-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-

i wonder if i will get another like them
02:43:28 Sav/Save/Savannah

i gasped, hes stunning *.*
02:42:59 Daisy/ DM♡
So pretty Dae
Sunny Side Acres
02:42:55 Super Rat
Hello hello. :)
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2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 12:17 PM

Center Line Farm
Posts: 118
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Center Line Farm
I would put the ebs towards a breeding project for new lines of AQX and TB's.
2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 12:19 PM

Brookfield Stables
Posts: 3755
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Brookfield Stables
I would put it towards some RO matches, and better rated horses! Thank you so much for doing this! <3
2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 12:32 PM

Vellum Elites
Posts: 2282
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Vellum Elites
I want to get my breeding program back on track so that I can start producing LB Thoroughbreds once more. :)
2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 12:46 PM

Moon Shadow Ranch
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Moon Shadow Ranch - 294351
2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 12:47 PM
Running Colt Acres
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Running Colt Acres
Buy a Bigger Barn and a Upgrade
2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 01:14 PM

Fluffy's Cosy Home
Posts: 102
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Fluffy's Cosy Home
I would use it to help keep my stable going and breed more Ws.
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Edited at January 29, 2023 01:15 PM by Fluffy's Cosy Home
2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 01:15 PM

Posts: 247
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Kfantasy - 352182
Thank you so much for the opportunity I want to improve my club more to help and offer more things to people and start on my TB breeding more ♡
2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 01:27 PM

Amethyst Ranch
Posts: 444
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Amethyst Ranch - 215231
Thank you for the opportunity:D I'd love to improve on my appy and non roan SH/PON programme with the ebs :)
2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 01:38 PM

SilverFern Stables
Posts: 724
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Silverfern Stables - 208847
Thanks for hosting this! I would use the money to help buy my first Sven in hopes of getting my first stud on the ABLB <3
2 Million Eb Giveaway CLOSED January 29, 2023 01:44 PM

Enoki Valley
Posts: 1960
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Last 15 minutes. Then I will draw names, post here and send the ebs. Good luck!!

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