Emmas Eventers
No idea when I'll see a RL horse again although they're allowing some more outdoor stuff so fingers crossed..
Silver Galaxy Ranch
07:07:23 Sean/SGR
How's it going Wings?
Spirtasi Whims
07:04:57 Wings/Spring Day
Well I'm off to go finish a piece, see chat later!
Winter Arabian
07:04:16 Wint
I just got up on my mare for the first time! I just sat on her, I didn't really ride her not just yet.
Sunstone Elite
07:01:59 Sun/Sunny
Nice Eureka!
Skye's Paradise
07:01:56 Pickle
Gotta love how Eury politely ignores all the period talk. Lolol
Vixen Creek
07:01:44 Vixie
Sales chat Morgan
Spirtasi Whims
07:00:38 Wings/Spring Day
Awesome hopefully she's good!
Snicklefritz Stables
06:59:37 PUP, Ben Hur
Congrats Eureka!
06:59:12 Zen's AAs
My first ratings W -HEE Click-
Spirtasi Whims
06:58:50 Wings/Spring Day
Eury that's awesome! I recently got a PC for my birthday for my tablet and it's been helping a lot but it also takes up a whole ton of space
🥰 Toskanama
Spirtasi Whims
06:57:57 Wings/Spring Day
She's so pretty tosk! And her ratings, mm
Pinned Up Ponies
lol Tosk
06:57:26 Legion
I have my desk, too. So, suddenly, I have a lot of room for my computer stuff
Spirtasi Whims
06:57:16 Wings/Spring Day
Same every other woman in my family besides my mom has regular periods but they also always hurt, my two sisters have endo and I was so scared that that would happen to me when I got my first period.
Dirty Paws
06:57:06 ♘Tosk
-HEE Click-

I couldn't resist :'D

-runs off to bed-
Spirtasi Whims
06:55:30 Wings/Spring Day
Yeah Eury my back is killing me cause my tablet doesn't go forward enough and my "chair" is too short ><
Right? It would be nice to have a warning 😂 I never know when mine is coming or going. I hate it. Everyone around me is like "oh I'm going to start in two days and it'll be gone by Friday so I can have a nice weekend" and I'm like "you fucking suck"
Ben Hur Stables
06:55:26 PUP/Snicklefritz
I don't think I've ever had any cysts. If I have they've been small and not above my pain threshold. It's surprising that I haven't though since about every other female in the family has had fairly large ones.
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