12:37:28 puck
Lots of work sixes going on hmm
12:36:47 Sav
-HEE Click-
12:36:04 Fancy
If anyone would like to do a western X english rp please pm me. :)
12:34:42 Emo Dad
- peers around corner-
12:34:17 Sav
Someone needs to keep me away from the brood auctions before I get myself in trouble
Hardwicke House
12:33:26 Phan/Park Jimin
Oh yikes yeah. I'm sure they'll be looking for staff right now though. Oops gotta poof its dinner time.
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:32:21 Graceful
No problem. :)
Black Dragon Stable
12:31:37 BDS / Black / Stormy
My apologies. I misunderstood that concept. I've never cared to go retrieve anything accidently FR'd.. never been worth it
Hayzed Pastures
Yeah. I work under a podiatrist one day a week. But since i decided to go (back) to school and go to PA school i need a good chunk of clinical patient contact hours to even be considered to be accepted
WWW Breeder
12:29:00 Belle
-HEE Click-
I like the way this guy will change color when he's older
Hayzed Pastures
Its for ones youve BRED :)
Sugars PONs
12:28:33 SortaIncognitoSugar
Which training bars go to each discipline?
Winstar Farm
12:28:21 Windy
FR 3 horses then
Hardwicke House
12:28:21 Phan/Park Jimin
Yeah school has just been flipped on its head hasnt it. Hopefully you'll work it all out quick. You need to find another doctor though?
Harlow Stables
12:27:50 Harlow
I only have 7000
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:27:42 Graceful
No, it isn't. If you're the breeder you can retrieve them regardless of whom last owned them.
Montova Acres
12:27:39 Mon
You can retrieve him for 10k
Harlow Stables
12:27:34 Harlow
I need 3,000 ebs!
Black Dragon Stable
12:26:30 BDS / Black / Stormy
Graceful, that's only for horses you own. Not ones that you sold
Hayzed Pastures
Its all good. Just keep swimming 🙃 trying to see how school will be done this year. Gonna be really weird if its all online. But.. then i can maybe work under another doctor and get the hours i need..
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Hey HEE! I'm looking to breed my EEE mare but I can't choose which match! Opinions on these 2? Any other suggested studs if you don't like either?
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