~ Hades ~
12:50:17 Queen Of Ootensils
Can I interest anybody with my BuddyMeter quiz?
Riverbreeze Stables
12:49:07 River
Wow, about as many animals as me Summer. xD
I have 1 dog, 2 cats, 3 ponies, 2 sheep and 15 chooks :)
Diamond C Ranch
12:33:18 Diamond | Cumber Bud

This is Auggie
~ Hades ~
12:32:38 Queen Of Ootensils
Tis the Kilde
Saffron Studs
I’ve got a cat a dog sheep cows and horses!!! I’m a farmer daughter
misty sky stables
Black Cat Estates
12:29:56 Wiccan
I've got 6 cats, a dog, 3 fish, and a aquatic frog
misty sky stables
I had a kitten...
misty sky stables
I don’t even know what that is xD
Killer Whale Elites
12:28:24 Picture Tide
I have a cat named Meredith Grey :D
does anyone know the craigslisthorses tumblr...
misty sky stables
Everyone else was doing it so I did it xD
misty sky stables
Filly/Horse (Skylar)
Dog (Quinn-Itty bitty)
Dog (Chica)
Moonland Ranch
12:25:15 Moony, Moon.
My last name is Key so Keisha's full name is

Keisha Jade Key
Stonewall Eventing
12:24:08 SE
I have a dog named Daisy. My last name is Duke so her name is Daisy Duke lol
Black Cat Estates
12:23:47 Wiccan
Moonland Ranch
12:22:36 Moony, Moon.
-HEE Click-
Heaven on Earth
12:21:37 Fishy Salad
Im not going to attempt to list my animals 😂
12:20:47 Madsie
I want chickens I want to be a chicken and I ant it die as a chickennnn
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Relationship Help... August 7, 2019 12:20 PM

Dimrill Dale
Posts: 2582
Dump his ass.
It doesn't sound like he cares about you as a person, only as an object or something to have on his arm to impress his friends.
As a side note, if he's asking you for nudes and gets pissed when you say (very rightly so!) no, seriously. He needs to grow up.
It might hurt to kick him to the curb, but think- if this experience shocks him a bit, he might mature a bit and be better for whoever dates him in the future.
Good luck!
Relationship Help... August 8, 2019 02:08 PM

Ladybird Estate
Posts: 2048
He sounds like a very toxic person ,I know the type,they just make you miserable,and make you feel as though you're a bad person,and within 3 months that's a Paul lingerie,I suggest you break up with him,but you may do as you wish
Relationship Help... August 8, 2019 02:22 PM

The Noisy Fam.
Posts: 360
You should most definitely leave him behind. No matter how much he begs for forgiveness, don't give him another chance until you're 100% sure he's changed and you still have feelings for him by then. There's a girl that I have a crush on, I like her a LOT, but if we started dating and she turned into some sort of toxic person like that?? I would leave her, no question about it.
Relationship Help... August 12, 2019 12:32 AM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
To be honest, this sounds like a high school relationship. That's not anything meant to be rude, just more of him sounding very immature. Until he grows up and understands that being manipulative and, honestly, emotionally abusive (I'm completely an outside perspective so I don't recommend just throwing those words around. That's just what it seems like to me). I was with a guy like this for 6 years, married for 3, and wound up in a mental hospital because of him. Don't put up with that shit and break up with him.
Relationship Help... August 18, 2019 11:34 PM
Pyramid Equestrian
Posts: 824
I agree with everyone else, and I'm happy to provide you some pixel ice cream once you break up with him
Relationship Help... August 22, 2019 09:56 PM

Oxford Hunt
Posts: 841

FirstLightFarms said:
Boy BYE ain't no man worth your tears

Yo. xD 'nuff said. Lmao

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