09:21:08 Gala
Yeah, we just got our basement semi-dried out. Which was nothing like Midland :/
Capricorn Elites
09:20:30 Capri | Capri-Sun
What color should i paint my nails later 🤔

I kinda want to do dark emerald green but i dont know
Quizzical Quarters
09:19:14 Stupid Bitch
Just had that three day storm to.
Pony Paradise
09:19:03 Pony || Ducky
Honestly I'm just confused. She's opening up our part of the state, yet extending the home order? I don't get it
Quizzical Quarters
09:18:55 Stupid Bitch
Definitely Pure Michigan.
09:18:39 Gala
Snow May 8th, 80 degrees May 24th. Pure Mchigan ;)
09:17:08 Gala
Based off the stream of campers I saw heading north from lower mid MI the past two days... too late.
Quizzical Quarters
09:16:22 Stupid Bitch
Today was so fucking hot in Michigan. I was dying lol. I don’t understand why of all days I chose to do yard work today.
09:14:56 Gem
Pony Paradise
09:13:43 Pony || Ducky
Michigan? Oh yeah...
Detroit people be complaining about regulations up north. Don't come up then :/
Don't bring the virus lol
09:11:46 Gem
For sure. Michigan is crazy XD
09:05:51 Gala
Gem, I forgot to mention the week of 95+ degree weather with 100% humidity in the summer. That's my favorite week.
New Eagle Equine
09:04:49 Eagle 🎨
Now we're under a flash flood warning. Tonight is wild.
The Fallen Rulers
09:04:42 ~ Straw Hoarder
-HEE Click-

i got lucky
09:04:24 Gem
Oh my gosh. That is so accurate Gala XD
09:01:49 Gala
Actually you could just pull a check list out for "Pure Michigan" living. 7 months of snow storms, 5 of which you don't see the sun,
one big ice storm, storm system that causes flooding, storm system that knocks out power to half the state. A tornado watch or two, a tornado, A fire ban in august, and then like a week of fall. Bonus points when there's an earthquake we actually feel. lmao.
Cadence Farms
09:00:41 evebot
Come to Trivia!

09:00:00 puck
Oof sirens sound creepy.
River Bend Stables
08:59:42 River
It's Freaky How Crazy The Weather is here in Minnesota
Mother Nature can be a B***
Riptide Roans
08:57:56 *Pokes Eyeballs*
Any ideas for art?
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The Last Thing I Needed October 5, 2019 03:16 PM

BlueMist Farms
Posts: 506
Everything has been going well until lately. Last night we rushed off to a city nearly four hours away in friday traffic to get lockers for our powder dogs which is a huge deal. Tons and for cheap! So we kept the girls in and put Wayne & Tito out in the runs. Both with bark collars. Typically these boys do fine together but not yesterday. So we are dealing with traffic and not eating and the stress for just not being home and we gets call from some weird ass number. Didn't answer but they left a voice mail. Okay right? Cool. Looked at it and it's our neighbor calling and freaking out at 5pm about Wayne. Cue the panic. We are stuck in standstill traffic freaking out because we are two hours away and their isn't a damn thing we can do about it. I'm on the verge of having a full blown panic attack in the van and having to hold my shit together because my mom is about to lose it. I mean we were speeding, passing cars and all sorts of shit trying to race home. I mean we pull up to the house and I jump out, open the gate and RUN to the runs. None of the dogs were barking at all, silence even when we pulled up. I raced to put the boys away all while trying not to have a mental freaking breakdown. This morning we get another fucking complaint and to top it off we got one the weekend I went to San Diego because dad wasn't home. I'm sorry but we are not home. His dog constantly barks at us, always barks and is a serious pain in the ass when we train. Our dogs don't even bark at his dogs. I can't even take Sunny for a walk by his house because of how aggressive his dog gets towards Sunny. So we are all three in a horrible mood, my anxiety is so high (I woke up at 2 am and couldn't sleep due to the anxiety over this shit) and I'm extremely upset because tomorrow is my birthday and I'm missing Chief. This is the first birthday in almost eight years he won't be here. I had horrific birthdays due to my parents and the bad guy in my life so Chief always made my birthdays special. I'm talking super long trail rides, competitions, riding through dutch bros and riding on the beach was my birthday presents because my parents didn't get me anything. So this is the last thing I needed on my mind this weekend when I'm grieving over my best friend.
The Last Thing I Needed October 5, 2019 03:30 PM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
My full sympathy and empathy for you
The Last Thing I Needed October 5, 2019 09:35 PM

BlueMist Farms
Posts: 506
To top it off I'm not really allowed to mourn the loss of my horse because I just need to deal with it. I'm pretty fucking pissed.
The Last Thing I Needed October 6, 2019 06:07 AM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
I read your other snark about Chief. You must be having a hard time.
The Last Thing I Needed October 6, 2019 09:49 AM

Equine Stables
Posts: 488
I'm so, so sorry! I hope things get easier and I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
The Last Thing I Needed October 6, 2019 09:52 AM

HillCrest Stables
Posts: 373
Mourn him away from people
Do it on your own
You should be allowed to mourn the loss of your horse
The Last Thing I Needed October 7, 2019 12:36 PM
Former Stable
Posts: 0

HillCrest Stables said:
Mourn him away from people
Do it on your own
You should be allowed to mourn the loss of your horse

Yes you’re right. Listen to these helpful HEE people, BlueMist.
The Last Thing I Needed October 8, 2019 09:22 PM

BlueMist Farms
Posts: 506
Well we moved the runs. It was an up and down birthday but I was happy to get the runs dealt with. I miss my boy terribly but thankfully the dogs stepped in and did their best to love and distract me. I'm doing much better now since the stress of the neighbors has been dealt with.

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