01:39:55 ABC
-HEE Click-
Proves it. Ick.
Aspen Fire ES
01:38:16 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
01:37:40 ABC
He looks great in the snow!
Aspen Fire ES
01:36:15 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
The older this lovely boy gets, the more I worry about losing him
-HEE Click-
The Seven Sins
01:36:08 Sher
What is up with all of these W's...?

-HEE Click-
01:36:04 ABC
With an adventure map, the best I got was ASP.
The Joker
01:35:49 Sgt. Pepper
Huh. Can you send some capture luck this way please? -HEE Click-
01:35:17 ABC
How? HOW?!
The Seven Sins
01:34:26 Sher
And another XD

-HEE Click-
01:32:23 ABC
One of my riders arm and leg, don't want to exaggerate, but still.
01:31:49 ABC
Sher, I would give an Arm and a leg to capture something like her..
The Seven Sins
01:28:07 Sher

-HEE Click-
The Seven Sins
01:27:04 Sher
Couldn't have one more E or W, could you?

-HEE Click-
Heaven on Earth
01:25:20 Heavenlea
Are there any writers/or people who know about poetry on that can help me?
Damn haven’t been on here for 3 months haha. My poor ponies neglected
Aspen Fire ES
01:21:02 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
Hey Tangle :3
I'm doing alright, how are you?
01:19:57 Tangle || Woody
Aspen :)
How are you?
Aspen Fire ES
01:14:48 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
Guess who's back once again 😅
Wild Roses
01:08:25 Rose/🥀
And then there is someone who knows about art lol I am no good in that department
Idle Lane Farms
01:02:11 Mera
The wings don't look right for the horse stock. Looking at the wing positioning and where the birds breast bone would've been positioned, it doesn't match up with the horses chest position
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I Honestly Don't Know October 30, 2019 11:54 AM

Dayzee Stables
Posts: 76
So, my dad has been in and out of jail for 6-7 years now. I really miss him. I haven't seen him in 2 years and haven't talked to him since August 5th. I really miss him and it stresses me out knowing that he's in prison and we can't see him. He doesn't want us to see him while he's up there. He told us that. Which kind of hurt. No one wants us to come up there. He's my dad and I want to see him but I can't and it sucks. I recently moved and me and my mom have done a lot of fighting. It seems like that's the only we do. It sucks because she call me this and tell me this. I just want to be able to not fight with her for at least a day. But it just won't happen. I've also recently felt like i've failed has a friend, daughter,sister, granddaughter, everything. I've even thought about something that devastates people. And I promised myself about 2 years ago I wouldn't think about it. But it just comes right back to my mind. I want it to leave but it just stays. Its like there a wall it can't get passed so the feeling stays. And with school, the teachers giving us 8 million things to do doesn't help. My dog gave birth to 5 puppies which the only positive thing in this but she has also tried attacking other dogs. Well, Monday she went off on her puppies and we don't if she's going to kill one or not. I hope she doesn't because then we have to get rid of her and that would kill me. I have a pony that I've had since he was 8 months old. He is now 4. Since April. And yesterday some offered to buy him. I have never had someone offer for him so this is new. Kopper is his name. He’s the one that taught me everything and it continuing to teach me things. He helped me gain the confidence to do the things I do. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do or know the things i do. I know that’s not really something to stress about but it just worries me. The guy that offered I know. He takes amazing care of his horses. I just don’t want Kopper to go through a bunch of homes. Plus, if i=I get rid of him then I can get a horse that I can ride. My uncle has been addicted to drugs for sometime now and we tried to get him to go to rehab. I don’t think he did. He was put in jail once but he got out. He was bailed out by someone. Like I said we just recently moved so, we have new things. He was caught at my house going through all our rooms and things. They arrested him and now his kid is back down with my grandparents. They have been through hell and back because of him and they are sick and tired of it. My grandpa works everyday except for the weekends sometimes, and my grandma is working on getting a job. They have been having to worry about how he’s doing and what he’s doing. And about his kid. My cousin, my uncles kid, has been though actual hell. He doesn’t have a mom. She’s never been there for him and now his dad is in jail. He doesn’t have parents that are there for him. His dad promised him that he wouldn’t put him through his and it happened. I feel bad because I know what it feels like to not have a parent. My mom has always been there but I sometimes feel alone and like no one is there. If you’ve read this far, thank you. I just had to get this stuff of my chest. Sorry to bother and tell you about my problems.

I Honestly Don't Know November 6, 2019 06:48 AM
Stethoscope Stables
Posts: 377
Oh wow. That's hard.

Hoping your feeling a bit better.
Hang in there! You know, they say, "No good thing lasts forever," but if you think about it, that also means no bad thing lasts forever. Things will get better. Sometimes it takes a while to get better, but it will happen.

I hope you and your mom will be able to work things out. I also hope your cousin will find a good friend to help him through this difficult time.

Hang in there, Dayzee!

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