McSmith Ranch
08:09:45 Mac | Thing 2
Let's move on before this starts an argument.
Moonland Ranch
08:09:12 Moony, Moon.
Ladybird, Your old stable name had River in it
Amhain Dull Liath
08:09:11 Blonde Boy Zone
I'll make you an extra big batch of motivation noodles, McFleury
08:09:08 Jen
Uhm, when did I say I cared for it?
It was a 1/1, someone else could of used him.
Bayou Gulch Ranch
08:08:59 Jayne
That is how a lot of players make money when they first start.
Star Catcher Estate
08:08:28 Fleursie|Felru|Flav
urgh my to-do list for tomorrow is so long ;_;
Thank god I have a 5 1/2 hour car ride to do shit
Ladybird Estate
08:08:26 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
I wonder why I put river on it...
08:08:18 West || Turnip
I find it slightly funny when someone puts a horse for 0, I buy it and FR and they come flyin into my PMs like cAn I hAvE iT bAcK?
McSmith Ranch
08:08:11 Mac | Thing 2
Once someone buys a horse, they can do whatever they want with it.
Bayou Gulch Ranch
08:07:36 Jayne
If you care about a horse, don't sell it and expect someone else to take care of it for you.
Moonland Ranch
08:07:36 Moony, Moon.
I remember X'D
Amhain Dull Liath
08:07:01 Blonde Boy Zone
That's your fault for selling it cheap, Jen. Buyer can do whatever the fuck they want with it.
08:06:24 West || Turnip
wk4 is tomorrow
*panicked breathing*
08:06:21 Jen
Makes me so mad when i sell a horse and someone buys it and FRs it Dx Like if I wanted that done I wouldve done it myself I have a quest to complete :|
Ladybird Estate
08:05:19 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Why did I think your name was river?>->
But I definitely do not remember making that at all
Amhain Dull Liath
08:05:07 Blonde Boy Zone
Yay! :D
*cough* wouldn't have been a worry if you didn't shower me in cash for just existing :]
Moonland Ranch
08:04:27 Moony, Moon.
Llama Queen
08:04:21 The Hag of HEE
I've been buttering up my accountant before the 1st...
Quarter Moon Ranch
08:04:00 crunch
-HEE Click-
Is my bio okay? I’m pretty tired so I rambled on about some random shit lol
Rushing River Stable
08:03:56 River / Savy
Your Accountant, who hates you, will keep track of your Stable's income and expenses over a rolling 7 day range.
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My Week of Hell November 8, 2019 07:46 PM
Cassa Belle
HEE Newspaper
Posts: 1280
This week has been just awful.

First off, my science "teacher" harrassed me yet again about getting my assignments in. He isn't actually teaching me, my school doesn't offer the course I'm taking so I have to do it online and I've been really busy with my new job. I was able to get up to date, but on Thursday he came to me yet again and starts bitching at me, for no reason (because I literally just handed the last assignment in.) I can't say anything too him, I have nothing to say to him about the course.

I then called my boss bawling on the phone about how I couldn't come to work after school on Monday, because of how stressed he was making me, I hadn't had my assignments in by then. She was okay with it which I'm greatful for.

My grandpa is in the hospital with excruciating pain in his back, the doctors have no idea why. He has a really bad short term memory, he currently thinks he is living in the hospital and is wondering when his wife will come home. They are thinking of sending him to a senior care centre, but that would mean seperating him from his wife. She had a stroke before I was born and hasn't been the same since. She is abusive mentally and emotionally to my Grandpa, but they have been married for over 60 years.

Yesterday, I was given something that made my entire week. I am a woman, hoping to become a carpenter, so the odds are already against me, being a woman in a very male dominated trade. There is a competition called Skills Canada, which is a huge deal if you are going into the trades, that I'm hoping to compete in. My carpentry teacher handed me the blueprint to what we will be making yesterday, and I was so excited I was speechless.

Well my "friend" took one look at that and said "when I'm an engineer I'll be making things 5 times harder than that." Gave it back and walked away. I'm SO pissed about that. He gives me the weirdest vibes ever and when I'm around him it feels SO awkward. The only reason I haven't completely cut him off from my life his because he's super depressed and I'm scared he's gonna attempt suicide because I'm the only one he lays his feelings out too. A few years ago he admitted to me that he was having hallucinations of a blonde girl that killed herself everytime he saw her. So I know he has some pretty messed up shit going on, but he won't admit it to anyone. I really don't know why he tells me this stuff.

I have a friend who has autism, and it can be really hard to deal with her sometimes. She will say stuff that I never did, and completely blow it up in my face. This week apparently I glared at her. I told her I'd been having the worst week ever. But she didn't seem to care.

I been having issues with birth control, I use it to control my period pain level, because I have terrible cramps and really heavy flow. I just started the Ring and it has been my favorite so far except I haven't stopped bleeding for almost 2 weeks even with the Ring in. I'm going for an appointment to see my doctor thankfully though.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Edited at November 8, 2019 07:57 PM by Cassa Belle
My Week of Hell November 8, 2019 08:15 PM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2264
My pm's always open if you ever need to vent again
Hope it gets better for you
My Week of Hell November 8, 2019 08:29 PM

Kaelua Stables
Posts: 1119
I'm so sorry to hear that! Eventually though, things will get better even if it may not seem like it; Feel free to shoot me a message and we can talk if you need to :)

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