11:23:40 Moose TB's
Hell sunset, i would do it just for the fun of it.
Kailua Stables
11:23:03 Lex (Kaelua SA)
I agree with what Moose said :)
Sunset Grove Farm
I will when I get the ebs lol, it's almost ro and I'm trying to save up

I'm hoping to spent like 500k on it though
11:21:40 Moose TB's
Sorry Ven.
Oak valley
11:21:11 Just a lonely POTATO
Ooh do it Sunset!
11:20:59 Moose TB's
Sunset....heck yes.
Sunset Grove Farm
Oh I don't plan on selling it ven I'm keeping it for myself, I'm just thinking if redoing y. I to see improvement
11:20:35 Moose TB's
No problem!
Stormsong Manor
11:19:39 Ven
Please don't post art in chat unless it's already been purchased by someone or entered in a contest.
Sunset Grove Farm
I might do that..I don't have the file anymore

I now want to do a contest where someone has to redo an old peice of mine 😂😂
New Eagle Equine
11:19:12 Eagle 🎨
Ughh. I'm sick with some sort of bug. Help......
Meritage Farms
11:19:00 RRR/Delta Side
I'm in love *.*
-HEE Click-
Sunset Grove Farm
Damn thanks moose!

And yep it's what I used for quite a while oak before my laptop broke
11:18:48 Moose TB's
Make a copy of the original than take the copy and see what you could do different. If you like the revised more than delete the old piece :)
Oak valley
11:18:11 Just a lonely POTATO
Also, Sunset did you ever use gimp?
11:17:45 Moose TB's
BUT honestly, the piece is insanely detailed and crazy gorgeous. I wouldn't re do it!
Sunset Grove Farm
Awwww oak
Sunset Grove Farm
Lol I made that peice agesss ago on my phone and I've improved tons and use an ipad and stylus now so it's really tempted to see what could be done differently
Oak valley
11:17:01 Just a lonely POTATO
Sunset if you ever have art that you feel is crap, I can take it off your hands as I know, no matter what it is, it will be amazing
11:15:47 Moose TB's
No! I love it Sunset!! I'd snatch if I could XD
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