12:54:16 T|Heart|Kinzey
and 3 goats
12:53:55 T|Heart|Kinzey
I have 5 dogs, 6 cats, 5 horses, 230 pair of cattle, 4 rabbits, 67 chickens, and a chinchilla
Killer Whale Elites
12:52:27 Picture Tide
Im interested! :)
Diamond C Ranch
12:51:28 Diamond | Cumber Bud
I wanna are your BuddyMeter quiz :D
~ Hades ~
12:50:17 Queen Of Ootensils
Can I interest anybody with my BuddyMeter quiz?
Riverbreeze Stables
12:49:07 River
Wow, about as many animals as me Summer. xD
I have 1 dog, 2 cats, 3 ponies, 2 sheep and 15 chooks :)
Diamond C Ranch
12:33:18 Diamond | Cumber Bud

This is Auggie
~ Hades ~
12:32:38 Queen Of Ootensils
Tis the Kilde
Saffron Studs
I’ve got a cat a dog sheep cows and horses!!! I’m a farmer daughter
misty sky stables
Black Cat Estates
12:29:56 Wiccan
I've got 6 cats, a dog, 3 fish, and a aquatic frog
misty sky stables
I had a kitten...
misty sky stables
I don’t even know what that is xD
Killer Whale Elites
12:28:24 Picture Tide
I have a cat named Meredith Grey :D
does anyone know the craigslisthorses tumblr...
misty sky stables
Everyone else was doing it so I did it xD
misty sky stables
Filly/Horse (Skylar)
Dog (Quinn-Itty bitty)
Dog (Chica)
Moonland Ranch
12:25:15 Moony, Moon.
My last name is Key so Keisha's full name is

Keisha Jade Key
Stonewall Eventing
12:24:08 SE
I have a dog named Daisy. My last name is Duke so her name is Daisy Duke lol
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