The Lazy Ninja
11:08:07 Jessie
Your welcome.
Galaxia Moon
11:07:49 Gali
Excited to see what types of foals he brings
McSmith Ranch
11:07:13 Mac | Thing 2
That's painful for my brain
Buried Origins Ridge
That hurt to read...
11:06:48 Legion
Capricorn Elites
11:06:45 Capri
Thanks Lazy^^
Galaxia Moon
11:06:18 Gali
Take care of mah Babi plz UwU
The Lazy Ninja
11:05:45 Jessie
Nice Capri!
11:04:54 PNW
That's a super subtle chimera!
Capricorn Elites
11:04:12 Capri
-HEE Click-
I got a new chimera^^
10:58:34 PNW
Ever since reading about the cu-sidhe, I get very nervous whenever a stray dog barks or howls outside my window. Especially when I'm the only person in the room. I know it's superstitious nonsense, but it's like the part of me that's still a little afraid of strange noises when I'm alone in a dark house. I know it's nothing, but I get scared anyway.
Golden Meadows
10:55:11 Husky, GM, Ghost
I love mythology.
Jellos Warmbloods
10:55:07 Giggles Wubs
Ummm i always use shutterstock.

But im sure theres quite a few options on DA
The Joker
10:55:02 Misha/Mojii
Loving my new Beatles themed art :D -HEE Click-
10:54:10 PNW
If you do, you may not sleep well tonight, considering the howling you just heard outside your window.

I don't actually believe in fairy lore, but I'm fascinated by it, especially the various sidhe. I'm working on a novel about the sidhe. Yes, it's a horror novel since Irish fairies are terrifying, but so much more fun than silly vampires or werewolves. :D
BreezieM30w RIDs
10:53:42 Breeze/Dimple
Jello! Do you have any good places to find some chunky horse stock?

That's freaking gorgeous btw!
McSmith Ranch
10:53:05 Mac | Thing 2
Refresh with the button under chat lol
Preakness Equestrian
🤦‍♀️ that happens and i don¬ít even refresh the page /le sigh/
Preakness Equestrian
gr Sorry my phones old
Jellos Warmbloods
10:52:19 Giggles Wubs
New Bell Arts. :D <3

-HEE Click-

She put duckies in the sky. XD

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