California Valley
06:42:33 Cali
Hey River :)
Sunstone Elite
06:42:24 Sun/Sunny
A lot of mine are combos that have matching sets :P I do have a shot at getting one next month- got a TB brood :D
Celestial Estates
06:41:06 Cel
I /wish/ I had art. but I just bought an upgrade, and gotta afford RO lol
Jericho Stables
River, both? lol
Sunstone Elite
06:39:29 Sun/Sunny
Lucky Cel, I have so much bay art and I never breed them >.>
Cassa Belle
06:38:58 Cassandra/Jess
Oof Jeri
Celestial Estates
06:38:53 Cel
-HEE Click-
Maybe she'll get on the ABLB, who knows.
Sunstone Elite
06:38:22 Sun/Sunny
-HEE Click-
I got my first ABLB hopeful in awhile this month too Kass :D
Dragon Knight Stable
I'm suposed to be writing a 30 page essay but i'm not so....
Color Wonder Stables
06:37:11 Kass/Color 🌻
I really really really want this boy to be my first true ABLB boy.

-HEE Click-

This stable needs it.
Sunstone Elite
06:36:48 Sun/Sunny
My matches are pretty much booked but when I do get to use her I can't wait to get some pretty foals
McSmith Ranch
06:36:42 Mac | Thing 2
Okay this is the second time my dad and brother get into a near physical fight since Monday...
06:36:42 Am-bivalent AI
Those are always a bundle of fun Jeri lol

Also congrats on the new Job!!
River Run Manor
06:36:20 River
Well, are you leaving because of said boss or because of a better opportunity?
Jericho Stables
I need to write a resignation letter to my boss. I don't know where to start XD
Celestial Estates
06:35:35 Cel
Ugh she's beautiful Sunny
River Run Manor
06:35:07 River
-HEE Click-
Really wish you were a filly :(
Makes me glad I completely restarted my breeding program, though. Before I was producing EEE's that were 1-2/4 wk4 😬
Sunstone Elite
06:34:50 Sun/Sunny
I do love her color. Blue eyes on TB's are beautiful
Dragon Knight Stable
You have to wait until you can schudele another.
The Cimmarron Herd
wow! thats a beautiful TB mare!
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WBLB / potential WBLB broods year 122 inc TOP 10 ALIX August 2, 2019 12:42 PM

Whileaway Stables
Posts: 1403
LB standings updated 8-8

Alix - current top 10 mare, has been up to #2. Her daughter Alet is sitting above her on the LB, has also produced a top 25 LB stud among others.
tentatively considering offers on her brood for year 122 or 123 - PM me

Emma - debuted this month #50
EEE producer

Aniek - currently #63 year 120 #51
multiple EEE producer inc LB mare

Clothilde - currently #76; year 120 #67
multiple EEE producer inc 2 LB studs

Arlene - debuted this month #97
Shiny EEE producer out of Alix.

Alexa - potential LB debutante
shiny svenned 4yo by Two Steps out of top 10 mare Alix

Secret Obsession - maiden
3 up on week 4

Thought - carries pearl
1st and only foal was EEE

wild EEE raffle mare - grey, possible debutante

Please do not claim a brood unless you 100% sure that you will be able to honor the commitment.
All broods will be up on the first.
Use of LB studs will be appreciated.

Edited at August 8, 2019 01:39 AM by Whileaway Stables
WBLB / potential WBLB broods year 122 inc TOP 10 ALIX August 2, 2019 01:52 PM

Skye's Paradise
Posts: 1427
Secret Obsession - AB
Skye's Paradise - 251395

Edited at August 2, 2019 01:54 PM by Skye's Paradise
WBLB / potential WBLB broods year 122 inc TOP 10 ALIX August 21, 2019 01:56 PM

White Crown Stables
Posts: 302
I'd love to take Aneik.
WBLB / potential WBLB broods year 122 inc TOP 10 ALIX August 22, 2019 01:01 AM

Whileaway Stables
Posts: 1403

White Crown Stables said:
I'd love to take Aneik.

All yours, thank you.

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