Timber Canyon
11:11:09 Timbie
Cookies are the shit.
Ryshadium RIDs
11:10:04 InkSpren
I had a customer buy 2 bags of cookies while picking up his meds today. That led to an interesting conversation about his cookie addiction, lol.
Security Moon Stable
i am now thanks for the help
Ryshadium RIDs
11:07:55 InkSpren
You are the best.
White Hills
11:07:22 WH or Hills
None of us can do anything, just pm eve
Timber Canyon
11:07:12 Timbie
I have a whole box, Ill share
Morning Glory Farms
11:07:12 Tericipatrivia/MGF
Like I said if it's connected to your email you can retrive the account
Cassa Belle
11:06:56 Cassandra/Jess
I would PM eve...
Ryshadium RIDs
11:06:37 InkSpren
I'm laying in bed and feeling jealous about your cookie.
Security Moon Stable
No. I've always kept it as Dandy Acres since its the actual name of my grandfathers ranch named after one of his greatest show horses "Dandy Man Can" who is in the stud books
Timber Canyon
11:05:50 Timbie
Its going, eating a Samoa cookie. How are you?
Timber Canyon
11:05:37 Timbie
That Hem art is old af. Looks like it's been that name for awhile.
Ryshadium RIDs
11:05:19 InkSpren
Hey Timber, how's it going?
White Hills
11:05:14 WH or Hills
This probably qualifies as talking negatively about other players so it would be best to send Eve a pm and stop talking about it in chat
Morning Glory Farms
11:05:08 Tericipatrivia/MGF
Yes I found it
Morning Glory Farms
11:04:57 Tericipatrivia/MGF
If it's still attached to your email you can get it back but it sounds more like you gave out a password and they took over the stable?
Timber Canyon
11:04:44 Timbie
-HEE Click-
Security Moon Stable
181545 is the stable number @Morning
Flying With Eagles
11:04:17 Flingy
If you search by formerly known as, the account pops up. It's "Rockin D Ranch"
Cassa Belle
11:03:55 Cassandra/Jess
did you change the name and forget out it?
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