Wild Winnie Equine
10:01:39 Winnie (Tobi PONs)
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
I can't choose which one, it's Everests last breeding year :,(
Wildfire Stud
10:00:31 wildfire
I need to get my shop updated I just haven¬ít yet 😂
Prismatic Cove
09:58:49 Rem | Bo
-HEE Click-
Should be it xD
Prismatic Cove
09:57:29 Rem | Bo
Wrong stud- hang on
Prismatic Cove
09:57:16 Rem | Bo
-HEE Click-
I want this to work so bad
California Valley
09:54:29 Cali | Kale | Calz
Crossing my fingers for tobi
-HEE Click-
Lunar Rose Stables
09:51:24 Bear
-HEE Click- does this look like a good match?
Looking for rp partner
Stone Haven Farm
09:50:46 Court
Stunning stallion Sun :o *-*
Coastal Eventing
09:49:17 bella
Nice Sun! I'm going to have to try and work him into my 168 plans
09:46:03 Sun's Shiny TB
-HEE Click-
Ooh a week 10!
California Valley
09:35:20 Cali | Kale | Calz
Tangle that's what I'm hoping. A mini Zorah in WWW form would be pretty cool
Mossy Lane Stables
Aww so cute!! Congratulations!
Azure Eyes
09:31:07 Azure
-HEE Click-

Is her week 4 good?
Stone Haven Farm
09:25:18 Court
Hi :D
Prismatic Cove
09:23:46 Rem | Bo
Thats fair lol
I have yet to even try starting apricots e.e
DragonFyre Estate
09:23:05 Whip
They're here!!
09:22:24 Technically Tangle
Fingers crossed that all that shine comes through, Cali
California Valley
09:20:53 Cali | Kale | Calz
AD with color like all of my other breeds lol
Prismatic Cove
09:20:11 Rem | Bo
Whats your project for?
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