Nurse said the same thing to my sister in law she went him went to pick up her baby and tore :(
Fairytale Paints
10:27:34 Im Elf
I think one complaint
Is how rude some hospital staff can be
Circle Star RIDs
10:27:11 Granny C
Souls - the 1st kid, is a test run. Kids don't come with an 'owners manual'.
MakeEm Fancy
10:26:41 Ally 💜
My biggest fear was ripping open 😭 When the nurse looked me over after it was healed she said you dont have to worry about ripping open anymore like geez lady thanks for that 🤦🏻‍♀️
Fairytale Paints
10:26:33 Im Elf
anesthesia for a c section is completely different than normal surgery anesthesia

I'm scared of c sections I have a weak body and have been warned with anesthesia I won't wake up so i freak out over every possibility
Fairytale Paints
10:25:11 Im Elf
Oh geeze Ally.
That is horrible.
Having two c-sections myself, they aren't great in anyway.
If your like me I worried continuously about getting a clot somewhere
I love when your parent treats the younger one better then they treated you -_-
MakeEm Fancy
10:23:46 Ally 💜
With my first was the nicu trauma and not being able to actually see her until 3 days after because I had one of those epidural headaches. It sucks having traumatic experiences :( I hate that other mommas have to go through them
MakeEm Fancy
10:21:56 Ally 💜
I almost died during labor they had to rush me in for an emergency c section that ultimately almost made me lose my child. After that I had lost so much blood and they let me get so low and brushed if off. I was in and out of consciousness for two days before they actually decided to give me a transfusion
Fairytale Paints
10:20:10 Im Elf
1st baby I spent a week in the hospital afterwards with an uterine infection...
So never had great experiences.
And doctors can't garentee it won't happen again
Fairytale Paints
10:18:13 Im Elf
I feel that.
I ended up in the ER days 3 days later after being discharged from having my 2nd.
With 103 fever.
They didn't know what was wrong with me so they where going to open me up for exploratory surgery.

Spent the next 2 months in and out of the hospital
10:17:21 Mack
Granny C
When I'm having existential crisis, that's what I worry about. Her future. I don't want another kid, but i had such a great experience with my sister, sometimes I wonder if I'd be taking something special away from her
Circle Star RIDs
10:16:18 Granny C
night Mack
MakeEm Fancy
10:16:09 Ally 💜
Mine is because I almost died twice with my second and evidently I have traumatic pregnancies
Circle Star RIDs
10:15:33 Granny C
The world is just too nuts now. Even if I could, I wouldn't bring another child into this world.
10:15:31 Mack
Imma head out. Love talking to you guys! Yall make my day. Farewell, and good night
10:14:48 Ani | Ant 🌚

I was evicted aha
my momma had a c-section for all her kids.
Fairytale Paints
10:13:22 Im Elf
I think that's what deters me from having another
Is the weekly stressing testing at the last trimester
10:12:42 Mack
I was a tiny baby. Healthy but tiny
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