Sunset Grove Farm
05:56:10 gertrude
-HEE Click-
This is my sven match, I still don't know weyhee to be nervous or exited lol
05:56:04 Rae | Chicko
Brindle is such a damn pain to draw :'D
Sunset Grove Farm
05:55:32 gertrude
Oooo goodluck!
Rockrose Eventing
05:55:10 skye
-HEE Click- This is my big sven match and I’m super nervous!
Sunset Grove Farm
05:48:21 gertrude
I've only got 3 matches so I'm thankfully good for space lol
Ladybird Estate
05:47:59 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
I'm buying a 50 stall barn when I get the chance, I don't have enough room for my horses lol
Moonland Ranch
05:46:13 Moony, Moon.
-Click- Her legs gone all weird in her new clothes 😂 (She has a jacket on because it's freezing cold)
Sunset Grove Farm
05:45:55 gertrude
I'm able to afford all my matches once my mares are bred so I'm not really worrying abotr funds

Just worrying about the matches and the aftermath funds
05:44:52 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Yee >.> Luckily my geldings have been good, or else I would be ded.
Spirtasi Whims
05:43:48 Wings/Spring Day
Well in the morning my dog likes to leave me and just sleep, she's a very lazy dog when I'm just in my room
Ladybird Estate
05:43:12 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
What the duck
Moonland Ranch
05:42:52 Moony, Moon.
My dog's clingy and won't leave my side even when I'm just around the corner
Sunset Grove Farm
05:41:50 gertrude
Awh shit to is tommorow *-*
Spirtasi Whims
05:41:00 Wings/Spring Day
My dog has abandond me!
Moonland Ranch
05:40:13 Moony, Moon.
And I still love this game!
Moonland Ranch
05:39:08 Moony, Moon.
Thanks! 😊
Wintergreen Gardens
Spirtasi Whims
05:38:43 Wings/Spring Day
Congrats moony!
~ Hades ~
05:37:10 Queen Of Ootensils
Moonland Ranch
05:32:28 Moony, Moon.
One year on HEE today 😃🎉
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