Echo forest
how do you get money fast i live of daily pay
Shivering Sea
04:20:26 Back to my PPP curse
I have 2 EWWs to breed this coming RO and I haven't ordered straws their straws yet.
I do have ordered some random straws from studs I liked and is going to be 110k on them so far.
Olive Tree Equine
04:18:33 Olive / Yarn
oh ok then
Shivering Sea
04:15:40 Back to my PPP curse
I don't buy art, at all xD (basically because my horses don't deserve it).

I mainly pile ebs. Buy horses here and there, perhaps keep them, perhaps sell them.
My main investment is geldings because I don't like dropping from 400k.
Rest I put it on RO, to random breedings and such.
Olive Tree Equine
04:13:19 Olive / Yarn
so what do you do with all your ebs? you hardly ever buy art
Shivering Sea
04:12:34 Back to my PPP curse
What probably saves my budget is that I don't take breeding too seriously
Olive Tree Equine
04:08:44 Olive / Yarn
i wish i had enough spare bs for a barn..and for the horses to put in it lol >.<
04:07:33 Gala G
Nice Shiv! that's how you do it xD
Shivering Sea
04:06:01 Back to my PPP curse
At some point you just save up.
I bought a 50 stall barn yesterday and I already made the money back without even filling it yet lol
04:05:01 Gala G
If there's a will there's a way to get more barns
Dark Shadows Estate
04:03:46 Bazz
I need to get back into showing on here to bring in some extra EBs!
Having enough barns though isn't a cheap thing
Shivering Sea
04:02:02 Back to my PPP curse
Yup, same.

Takes me 15 minutes to enter horses on Monday, then the 2 other days is just 5 minutes xD well worth it
North Street
03:59:26 North
Sea. This is why, whenever someone asks the best way to make money, I just say show, show, show.
Shivering Sea
03:57:44 Back to my PPP curse
You entered 369 horses into reg. shows for 430100

You had 369 horses compete in reg. shows earning 659211

@[email protected] more than 200k..
Shivering Sea
03:47:28 Back to my PPP curse
Mods aren't here to suspend your account simply because you want to start fresh xD
Olive Tree Equine
03:47:03 Olive / Yarn
october if you want your account deleted just be completely inactive. never log on
october pumpkins
any mods on who would like to suspend my account? Pleeasse!!
Olive Tree Equine
03:45:55 Olive / Yarn
dammit i thought i could spell
Shivering Sea
03:44:47 Back to my PPP curse
Almightiness* actually lol
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