Wraithcry Farm
09:07:46 Crazy Cat Lady
I work in a preschool thatÂ’s been around for decades helping children with disabilities. That is my first passion. I would like to trim and help people with their horses but it would be on the side.
River Hill Stables
09:07:42 Ringo
-HEE Click- What do you think he will Rate
HLS Mustang Ranch
09:06:40 Spirit
I have never shown any horses but I do train horses. They are main kid horses or ranch horses.
09:06:36 ABC
WW, you're very welcome :)
Courtlee Ranch
09:06:32 Court
Well, so much for my chance at an hour away from kids tomorrow. ;-; Moved my dr appointment to next week. I know its to limit my exposure to anything, but it still sucks.
Equine Angel Estates
09:06:24 Cool Beans :P
Amberle..I have some Western Experience..But i dont have English experience which is what i would really like to pursue more.. its what ive been looking into here recently.
Cat Eye Creations
09:05:27 Cat~DS
My mom is a national coach and it is a really hard job between taking care of horses and clients
White Wolf Stables
Oh haha, I have a lotttt of store credits and not a lot of ebs so i was confused. Thank you!
New Eagle Equine
09:04:29 Eagle 🎨
I have been riding for about 8 years, and have only done one tiny little show my old barn hosted for charity. At least I won two of the classes I entered lol
09:04:25 ABC
White Wolf, you need them if you want to buy items in store. You can Change ebs into credits via "grow>credits".
You will gain credits for certain actions such as FR horses
09:04:14 Or am I Lib?
What kind of experience do you have Equine Angel?
Wraithcry Farm
09:03:46 Crazy Cat Lady
I would like to train horses. I am hoping to eventually get there. But for now just looking for my own horse is enough lol
White Wolf Stables
What are store credits?
New Eagle Equine
09:03:09 Eagle 🎨
White Wolf, you get them when you free range horses. You can also buy them with ebs.
Equine Angel Estates
09:02:47 Cool Beans :P
being a trainer would be cool, i know that would take a long time but its cool. another thing competing in shows is something id hope to get out of lessons.
Capaill Uisce
09:02:39 Bree
Mor, he's GORGEOUS!
White Wolf Stables
What are store credits?
09:02:05 Mor/ Baker of HEE
-HEE Click-

ohhhhh I forgot how much I love color breeding!!!
Hayzed Pastures
They couldnt even afford to pour concrete to make things more wheelchair accessible. My brother actually did that for his eagle project. Collected donations and we actually paid some out of pocket to make the ramps
New Eagle Equine
09:01:13 Eagle 🎨
But to be fair, they are the only place in town that does hippotherapy or any therupetic riding. So they don't really have competition.
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Forums > The Paddock

Meet my Horses March 22, 2020 03:29 PM

Veterna Springs
Posts: 439
We've got quite a few horses on property right now so I figured I'd make a little write up about them and update accordingly!
Rema - (15.1hh) Bay roan QH mare, unregistered, former youth rodeo horse now residing as my mother's barrel horse. 7 years old. She is extremely hot headed and is currently being worked on draw reins to teach collection. *Injured* read updates
Belle - (13.2hh) Sorrel QH mare, unregistered, was a rescue as a baby was passed between a couple owners then found me. 2 yrs old. Currently training into the pony hunters and barrel worlds.by
Johnny - (15hh) Bay roan QH gelding. Former AQHA cutting horse. Has sired foals in his stud years. Currently 19 years old and my sister's barrel horse.
Sarge - (15hh) Bay AQHA gelding. Suffers from navicular and has hardly been worked in the past 5 years. Currently working to get him sound and back in the show world. He is 18 years old.
Wyatt - (15hh) Bay AQHA gelding. Former team roping horse. Was bought at the Ken McNabb performance horse sale in Wyoming. Has been out of work but will come back as a rodeo horse. 15 years old.
Mariah - (15.1hh) Sorrel overo mare. Western Pleasure and Hunter mare. Been with my family for many years. Led me to many wins now resides at my house as a show horse. Has manageable navicular. 12 years old

Edited at March 26, 2020 12:16 AM by Veterna Springs
Meet my Horses March 22, 2020 09:35 PM

Blue moon mountain
Posts: 191
I wish I had horses 🐴
Meet my Horses March 22, 2020 10:18 PM

Posts: 1653

Blue moon mountain said:
I wish I had horses 🐴

Meet my Horses March 24, 2020 01:21 AM

Veterna Springs
Posts: 439
Update 1:
Belle - We had a short sweet ride. I was pretty sore from riding after still being bruised from when she bucked me off a couple days ago. We did basic flat work and a bit of work on lead changes. I forgot my spurs so I had to work extra hard to keep her moving
Wyatt - His first ride back in... A long time... He was very good. Did basic flatwork both ways. I wasn't sure if he'd try to pull anything silly and thankfully he didn't. I even got on bareback for a while. I really liked riding him. He's adjustable and quiet. Very smooth and responsive.
Mariah - She was basic old Mariah. Hasn't been ridden since around this time last year. Saddled her and rode her like any other day. Shes an angel of a mare. Just basic flatwork. She doesn't require any correcting or training shes about as broke as you could ever need one. My little brother rode her after at the walk and trot. My sister rode her bareback later in the day. She's an awesome mare. I can't wait to start jumping her again.
The others - Sarge wasn't ridden just groomed. Reema and Johnny were ridden but since they aren't my horses that I work with I don't feel obligated to update on them.
Extra update - the hot wire fence went up temporarily today to provide extra space to turn the horses out as the grass starts to grow. The geldings are all turned out together roaming the side and bottom pasture, Mariah is in the smaller pen and Belle and Reema are in the hot wire pasture.
Will update again soon!
Meet my Horses March 26, 2020 12:15 AM

Veterna Springs
Posts: 439
Update 2: Last one of a while unfortunately
Belle - We had a short jumping session yesterday but nothing crazy
Wyatt - Easy flat work. Used some ground poles. Just trying to get him in shape.
Mariah - Rode her English to get my hunter eq back. No work was done yesterday.
Johnny - Also jumped him for my sister on Tuesday. He's difficult to jump so I'm trying to help her out.
Sarge - Hasn't done anything. I'll be trying to ride him soon.
Rema - BIG UPDATE! Rema was found him afternoon with a large hole on the back of her right hind in the area that flexes when she walks. She was inches away from being put to sleep today. She missed her flexor tendon by about half a centimeter but tore into the flexor sheath. She has a 3-5 month recovery but should be sound enough to go back to running barrels after then. She had x-rays and he luckily could fit in a few stitches. We're very thankful that she still has a future and that we have such amazing vets. She cast herself in the only barbedwire fence in her paddock (of course) but luckily we identified where it happened. She's at the vet until Friday then has 2 weeks in a cast. The rest is all strictly stall test and hand walking.
Updates are ending now. I've began homeschool and the virus is affecting people my family is close to. I can't devote much more than an hour a day to HEE for the next 1-2 weeks possibly more.

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