Circle Bar C
07:24:04 Rose
-HEE Click- What do you guys think of my new avatar!
07:23:06 Gem
I’ve worked with a vet on treating an EPM horse but I’m not sure about insured horses
Vecchia Modo
07:22:28 Vecc - TBs
Zippy - does the insurance policy specifically cover all diseases ?
Two Diamond Ranch
07:21:49 Madz
"Ahh, help, I'm caught in a pickle!"
Amhain Dull Liath
07:21:23 Noodle Addiction
That doesn't sound cleanly.
Bright Fields
I got myself caught in a pickle.
Golden Crest
07:18:54 Eve
Thought so, thank you! :)
Netherworld Acres
07:18:41 Zippy
Shot in the dark question - is there anyone online who has dealt with EPM with a horse who was insured?
07:15:21 Lost
Bottom of the 'Items' tab, more specifically.
07:15:00 Lost
You can on the store page, Eve :)
Golden Crest
07:13:38 Eve
can I exchanges ebs for store credits? or did I dream that lol
Kiber Stable
07:13:24 Kibbles
Part of me really wants to start a colour program
Vecchia Modo
07:10:27 Vecc - TBs
07:09:01 Tea || Snaink
I'm going to have to split the shadow into two layers I guess. Thanks, Vecc!
California Valley
07:06:07 Cali | Kale | Csli
Thanks Tea :D They are growing up so fast! The 2 reds are now 30 pounds, the black is almost 29 pounds, and the lighter female is 27.8
07:06:03 Tea || Snaink
Ohh never mind I see what you're saying
07:05:41 Tea || Snaink
I screwed up the layers so I don't know if I'll be able to fix it T-T
Vecchia Modo
07:04:59 Vecc - TBs
Tea - only thing I see a bit out of wack are the shadows. The horses don't match the rest in the picture and they should.
After the 139 year RO I really need to invest in another barn to fill with geldings >.<
07:03:45 Tea || Snaink
Ahh puppies!
So cute, Cali
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Horse Conformation Critique Forum December 30, 2020 12:22 PM

CC Knabbstruppers
Posts: 588
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Horse Conformation Critique

Hey there everyone! I've noticed how integral it is for horses to have proper conformation and I've noticed across multiple platforms how popular conformation critques are. So, I figured I could open this up!

Those of you who don't know what conformation is, it is the the skeletal and muscular systems dictating the horse's outlines. It applies to the entire horse and evaluates the horse's faults. A horse requires good conformation to be able to perform it's tasks properly witht he least amount of stress on it's body possible. Certain conformation also helps with certain disciplines, particularly longer necks applying well to jumping, or longer shoulders applying well to cutting horses.

This forum is for those of you looking for conformation on your real life horses. You can ask for critique, or you can give it!


- Refrain from bumping your posts.

- Keep to one post at a time. After it has recieved critique you may post another.

- You can nit-pick and be straight to the point, but please stay nice about it!

- Don't get offended by people telling you how it is! Be civil with the answers you receive!

- Give a little background on your horse! Age, breed, and discipline will help with critiques.

- Please don't bash other people's horses!

- Please, when posting pictures, follow these rules:

Horse should be standing square.

Horse should not be resting any legs and be on the flattest surface available.

Pictures should be taken so all parts of the horse are visible.

Pictures should be taken so the horse appears parallel with the ground. NO angled photos!

Hoof pictures should be taken from the side, back, and front and taken straight.

Front and back hoof pictures should include the entire rump and chest.

Edited at December 30, 2020 12:37 PM by CC Knabbstruppers
Horse Conformation Critique Forum December 30, 2020 12:30 PM

CC Knabbstruppers
Posts: 588
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Helpful Conformation Links:

Andalusian World Visual Conformation Guide Chart:

Credit: PRIMEDIA Equine Network

Mod edit: Please do not hotlink images.

Edited at January 3, 2021 02:55 PM by Stormsong Manor
Horse Conformation Critique Forum December 31, 2020 10:02 AM

Posts: 76
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This looks like it could be an awesome thread! I'll need to get some good conformation shots of mine to share :)
Horse Conformation Critique Forum December 31, 2020 12:41 PM

Moonland And Elites
Posts: 4552
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Might post dusty -3-
Horse Conformation Critique Forum January 2, 2021 01:27 PM

Posts: 983
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Aaaand here's Zippy!
He's QH/Paint/Haflinger, for reference. I currently ride English, and I'm thinking about doing lower-level Eventing with him someday. He's almost 10 (birthday is April 3rd) and he used to have zero withers.
If his head looks weird, it's cause he got kicked as a two-year-old.
Judge away!
Horse Conformation Critique Forum January 3, 2021 12:33 AM

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I have a big brat to post. I really like him and we've had some beautiful foals from him. Saturn was born here, and since my mom doesn't ride much any more, we had to wait until I was old enough to take him to shows, and then covid happened, so I hadn't worked with him like I planned to until November. I'm thinking I either want to do slower English classes, like hunter under saddle and equitation, or possibly western dressage with him. I'd also like to try some short jumps, like 2'6" high. I'd like to know if you guys think he looks up to the task build wise. He turns 7 in March and is about 16.1 hands tall. He's very quiet and smooth, but I think he's way too lazy and uncoordinated to run barrels with.
Editing to add a little bit of his pedigree. Saturn is AQHA registered. His sire is Two Socks For Te, a 2 time reserve palomino halter world champion by One Two Te. His dam is a daughter of Starbert C Ollie and granddaughter of Case of Freckles. I can dig up the papers if you guys want a picture of them. He's pretty much halter on top and roping on bottom.

Edited at January 3, 2021 12:39 AM by Shingashina
Horse Conformation Critique Forum January 3, 2021 12:39 AM

Posts: 983
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(I might be wrong) but I think that long cannon bones as opposed to forearms are more desirable? So your guy potentially has some nice long strides. His back looks pretty short, and he's deep in the chest. Looks like his neck is on the shorter side, but it should be fine.
Horse Conformation Critique Forum January 3, 2021 12:47 AM

Posts: 594
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Thanks for the feedback! He will really reach out if I ask him to, though our main focus lately has been transtions and going slow. I want for him to be very solid on the basics before we do anything specific, so I figured now was the time to ask. He doesn't have the need for speed like the relatives of his we have, which is why I was looking at slower classes for him. I agree that he doesn't have the longest neck, though I never looked at the forearm vs cannon bone length before. I always just looked at the legs as a whole.
Horse Conformation Critique Forum January 3, 2021 12:48 AM

Posts: 983
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Well that's what doing exactly one year of 4H has attempted to teach me. Long cannon bones. I think. (may have to google to confirm)
Horse Conformation Critique Forum January 3, 2021 12:52 AM

Posts: 594
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My 4H time was spent showing cows. We didn't have enough people to make a horse judging team, so my FFA teacher wouldn't take just me to a judging contest. I can pick apart a steer, beef heifer, or dairy heifer, but I only know horse conformation as far as being comfortable and proportionate.

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