Saltea Stables
12:26:17 Tea || Snaink
Honestly I'd do KNN if I didn't hate how they look
WhiteRose Elites
12:25:57 * sneaky Hades *
PON it is :)
Blake Equestrian
12:25:17 Elizabeth
Yes we need more KNN and PON breeders
Blake Equestrian
12:24:55 Elizabeth
I do TB and WB and those are pretty fun
Saltea Stables
12:24:41 Tea || Snaink
you should do KNN or PON, I think those are the other two breeds that need help
WhiteRose Elites
12:23:21 * sneaky Hades *
Hey guys, I've decided RIDS aren't my thing, what breed should I do?
I have a little Eevee running around my webpage and he just decided to clone himself so now I have 2 little eevees running around my webpage... >.<
12:21:14 Bee 🐝
Sometimes with a gift card I have to wait for it to default back to not being used. If for instance you use it on a website and it starts to process it but something happens and the transaction stops the gift card thinks it went through. If that happens it thinks there is no more money on the gift card. You just have to wait until the system realizes the money is not been used
WhiteRose Elites
12:19:02 * sneaky Hades *
-HEE Click-
Needed a dun name, then remembered ACDC
Beltane Eventers
12:17:02 Bel --- Kansas
Pheo set it up through PayPal
Blake Equestrian
12:15:54 Elizabeth
its a he, and thanks :)
I hope your card works soon.. I hate when they just dont work for no reason it sucks and its annoying
12:14:59 ~Accidental Genius~
Hmm then I don't know how to help sorry,
12:14:44 Pheo~ || She/her
Also, Blake s/he is so pretty lol
12:14:03 Pheo~ || She/her
I've closed and refreshed like, 5 times and put in the info several times but it just keeps happening :p
Blake Equestrian
12:14:01 Elizabeth
-HEE Click-
Omg... Im in love!

Also Im sorry Pheo I dont know what could be wrong with it :\
12:12:51 ~Accidental Genius~
Maybe something just isn't loading correctly? I don't know,
12:11:26 Pheo~ || She/her
Yeah. Also i used this card today. I went to Wawa and got myself a smoothie :3 lol. But I dont know why its doing this. i literally cant think of one reason it wouldnt work..
The Nine
12:09:09 Pine, Passa
did you register the card?
Blake Equestrian
12:09:07 Elizabeth
I dont know. Myabe your not allowed to use gift cards with it, but im not sure
12:07:42 Pheo~ || She/her
So, im trying to buy premium but its not letting me buy it with my visa gift card. i put in all the right info and stuff but it just says that it wasnt able to add on my card and to try a different one. Also, literally like, 5 minutes ago, i checked the balance and i have way over $10 on it.. does anyone know what i should do??
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