Garner Stud
02:38:18 Soupy
Her pony is a grey by the way
Garner Stud
02:38:03 Soupy
I'll also be like: I'll move your pony into the farthest, muddiest field in the dark of night!
My daughter is 3.5, if I tell her I'll put shavings in her ponies tail she will probably say "I'll put shavings in YOUR ponies tail!" *angrily pointing finger* lol
Garner Stud
02:35:22 Soupy
Amhain Dull Liath
02:33:50 #1 dumbass
"Please stay asleep" dances around the bonfire, I'd guess
Garner Stud
02:33:38 Soupy
Nah I'll tell her I'll put shavings in her pony's tail . It'll work for me XD
Garner, tell her to stay in her room or you'll whoop her ass, works for mine LOL
Garner Stud
02:29:31 Soupy
Help my kid just went to sleep and how do I make her stay asleep!
Amhain Dull Liath
02:28:26 #1 dumbass
Why. Why do I continue to drink coffee when I *know* I'm going to feel like shit afterwards. Can't even finish, I'm dying x_x
The Joker
02:24:57 Mojii
I look forward to it :D maybe not tonight because I gotta be up at 5:30 tomorrow morning but we can definitely give it a go next time we’re both online
Deep Ocean
02:24:55 ♘Tosk
I still cant get over this little lady

-HEE Click-
Amhain Dull Liath
02:24:51 #1 dumbass
Pff thanks. I've been here for longer but only started playing actively on this account. 👌

And good luck with that art lol
~ Hades ~
02:23:35 Kittack
That would be awesome. I was just bored and this little thing were working on brought motivation back
The Joker
02:22:45 Mojii
We could try to collab on some horse avis and make some weird crap too if you want :D
premium potato
02:22:25 star
i need to know is anyone looking for a stallion or a gelsing?
02:22:03 Tangle || Tabgle.
True Queenie xD
Wintergreen Gardens
02:21:52 Winter
Okie well imma go try to make a header for a palette im making... idk how its gonna go XD Wish me luck
Wintergreen Gardens
02:21:10 Winter
Yesh you do XD
~ Hades ~
02:20:37 Kittack
Joker and I make such an awesome art team lmao
Wintergreen Gardens
02:20:28 Winter
@ Mishy
Happy almost 3 years with HEE anniversary!!!
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