The wilderness
05:04:02 Wild
Boulder -
I know how to make ebs, I just was asking how other people do it whether they do showing or whatever :)
04:58:18 Maggie
Hidden falls are pretty dry this morning...
Boulder Creek
Check out the Trivia - easy and fun way to make weekly ebs.
The Genetics practice will help with up to 5k a day. And quests can be profitable if you're able to churn them out.
04:53:09 Maggie
Is it possible to breed 2 breeds at a time? Thinking of ISH and WB.
04:51:30 Maggie
I just enter shows.
The wilderness
04:51:00 Wild
What do people here do to earn ebs? I’m curious of different people’s strategy.
i dont know i should check
04:48:55 Maggie
What is the colour rarity?
hm okay thanks
04:48:24 Maggie
If it looks gorgeous to you, sure.
is a blood bay a good keeper for a color breeder ??
it really is
04:44:40 Maggie
This chat is... so dead.
04:42:11 Maggie
The wilderness
04:18:59 Wild
Sales chat is dead too, and I don’t wanna flood it lol
The wilderness
04:07:39 Wild
But lol I don’t have the patience to look through the breeding list of EEE+ mares. And 5hey’ll probably be too expensive. But I’ll save up.
The wilderness
04:04:39 Wild
Well I’m hoping to find a Mare to match Depth Charge.
03:48:53 Whim
Wild Garnet Fields
03:48:05 Arc
-HEE Click-
Just this one for me, but I don't have super high hopes for it lol
03:47:02 Whim
What are your big matches?

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A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions December 1, 2018 02:53 AM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3525
Chapter one: A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions

A 16 year old girl wandered around aimlessly in the equine rescue as she was overwhelmed with excitement that she was about to get her very first horse. She had green eyes, tan skin, and brown hair with dark red highlights. The length of her hair would stop between her shoulder blades . She kept looking around until she laid eyes on a 8 year old purebred Hanoverian Gelding, his coat was black as night with a mane and tail to match. He has dreamy dark brown eyes with a blaze on his face. He has four uneven socks and was 18 hands, he was the most gorgeous horse that she has ever seen in her entire life and she also remembered that Mark has told her about him being a good stud for her friend's mare since they have been talking about it for a while now which he has already bred him to her friend's mare six times, he has also took in the mare's filly that was from another stud and a colt from another mare that he was bred with a few days ago before he was gelded. She signed the papers then she decided to name him Prince as it suited him but what she didn't know is that she would have to work hard to be able to earn his trust since he didn't trust humans at all.

After countless days turn into countless sleepless nights as she wasn't going to give up on him, no matter how many times he has chased her over the fence or bucked her off, she was very determined to help him trust people again. One day, she stood in the center of the round pen as Prince carefully watched her with his ears pinned back but wasn't showing any signs of aggression as he would be carefully watching her. "I know you've been abused by very bad people that captured you but I won't hurt you and I won't let anyone hurt you so please..please trust me." Heather closed her eyes when she said this, she would have her hand out a bit. Prince would start to carefully walk over to her with his ears perked forward, he stop a few feet in front of her then he lowered his head and gently presses his muzzle against the palm of her hand as he also had his eyes closed. When the two opened their eyes at the same time, They both felt a spark between them as if a bond has started between the two. Heather would work with him everyday and it paid off wonderfully and ever since then he fully trusts Heather. One day, Heather and Prince would be at the crossties as she brushes him, she would notice the most snobbish richest girl in the barn, Emma Thompson and her horse Hugo the Mahogany Bay Andalusian stallion with amberish brown eyes and he would be 17.2 hands. Emma would see Heather as she let a sly smile play across her lips "Well, well if it isn't the loser and her worthless horse" Emma said, "He's not worthless" Heather snapped at Emma a bit, "Whatever" Emma rolled her eyes then continued to speak "You probably can't even ride a horse to save your own life" Emma laughed a bit, "Now if you excuse me, I have a show to get ready for unlike you and I don't want my lovely Hugh to catch anything from that thing. See ya never loser" Emma said as she walked off laughing while she lead her horse away. "Ugh, that girl makes my blood boil by how rude she is" Heather said as Prince shook his head up and down a bit to agree with her. They both looked at each other as if they were thinking the same idea, "let's prove her wrong boy" Heather said with a smile as Prince lets out a gentle nicker then a snort.

After a few weeks of practicing, the day was today as it was show day. Heather would be watching while sitting in the saddle on Prince's back, seeing how good the other riders are as she started to get nervous, "Maybe we can't do this.." she quietly said to her horse as she would find herself looking into his eyes when he turned his head to look at her a bit as if he was saying "trust me like how I trust you", Heather smiled to herself as she gently pets him a bit then she would hear their number being called to the dressage arena. Heather let out a sigh then they enter the dressage arena, she couldn't believe how many people there are then they started off with a square halt as she put her right arm out a bit and bows her head a bit, he started to trot as his gaits are very natural and fluent.

After they have finished dressage, next was Cross Country which she did have to slow him down a few times. For a horse that was once wild, he acted like a full pedigree show horse that was born to show. Heather kept her mind clear as she was using her cues and body language to communicate with him, once they've finished the course, they have made a clear round. Show Jumping was up next as it was the last event, Emma rode past them on Hugo with a grin on her face, "You don't stand a chance little girl, it's best if you just give up now unless you wanna go run crying to your daddy. Oh wait, your daddy is dead" The blonde laughed as her equine pranced off with his spoiled owner. Heather gritted her teeth as she felt her blood boil but she knew that she couldn't let the spoiled brat get to her. After Emma & Hugo were done with their turn, having a one or two poles knocked down, Heather & Prince were up next.

She calmed herself down and relaxed before they entered the ring, she let Prince trot around before getting him up to a canter. She counted his strides everytime before jumping over the fence as they did it over and over again until they've gotten a clear round. All the riders gathered around as the judges as everyone waited for their prize, a male rider on a paint mare was called as he got third place, then Emma & Hugo were called as she got second place which she wasn't very happy about then Heather & Prince were called as she got first place surprisingly that she was speechless, the judge placed the blue ribbon on the gelding's dark brown bridle as Heather hugged her horse's neck, softly saying to him "We did it bud, we did it". Every since then, Heather & Prince became the top ten competitors in Eventing from winning one show to the next until one day they won the Rolex Championship in the Olympics.

Good things always come to an end as the now 20 year old woman found her beloved 20 year old companion laying lifelessly in the pasture. She entered the pasture with tears forming in her eyes then she knelt down beside him, she gently hugged his cold, lifeless corpse as he had died peacefully in his sleep, she gently pressed her head against his and quietly said while starting to sob "Thank you for everything, I will always have you in my heart and I hope we meet again in the after life." After saying those words, she broke down crying as the tears streamed down her face, grieving from the painful lost of her companion as she made a painful choice of giving up her passion for riding, fearing of facing death of another horse again as she felt like a part of her left with her great gentle Prince who was now in the sky, looking down below from the heavens

Edited at October 27, 2019 09:14 AM by Aspen Fire ES
A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions December 8, 2018 03:01 PM

Twilight Stables
Posts: 100
Wow! I'm interested!
A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions August 20, 2019 01:37 AM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3525
I might type/write another book on here if you guys would like that?
A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions August 20, 2019 01:39 AM

Posts: 2605
YES!! That way I'd get more of Prince *sniff sniff* Don't think I'm gonna forgive you for this, Aspen!
A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions August 20, 2019 01:42 AM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3525

Tanglewood said:
YES!! That way I'd get more of Prince *sniff sniff* Don't think I'm gonna forgive you for this, Aspen!

I'm sorry Tangle, please forgive me -sniffle, sniffle- and I'll actually be introducing another horse that comes into Heather's life
Edited at August 20, 2019 01:49 AM by Aspen Fire ES
A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions August 20, 2019 09:14 AM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3525
Working on chapter two but I'll be introducing another horse that comes into Heather's life which I'll my best to explain the mare's backgroud as much as possible
A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions September 17, 2019 02:12 AM

Posts: 112
Cant wait!!
A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions October 27, 2019 11:22 AM

Posts: 1927
Gorgeous <3
Chapter 2 is a definite yes pllleeaaseee!
A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions October 27, 2019 11:33 AM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 3525

Flipperruby30 said:
Gorgeous <3
Chapter 2 is a definite yes pllleeaaseee!

I'm already working on chapter 2 which isn't nearly done so far but I'll try my best to finish it 😅
A Rescue Horse and A Girl That Became Champions October 27, 2019 11:35 AM

Posts: 1927
😂 * Pitches Tent *

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