~ Hades ~
07:08:34 Chat Loner
So Lynk is GSD x American Staghound x GSP
California Valley
07:07:45 Cali | Kale | Call
Lab or retriever?
~ Hades ~
07:06:50 Chat Loner
He's in fact part GSD but what else is he hmm
California Valley
07:06:31 Cali | Kale | Call
Hades he looks like he has some GSD in him or some kind of Shepherd
Varchie Jones
07:06:04 Shelvie
Anyone want to start a rp? Please PM me with topics if you're up to it!
~ Hades ~
07:04:55 Chat Loner
From a different angle
~ Hades ~
07:03:58 Chat Loner
My itty bitty big boy
Guess his breeds
~ Hades ~
07:03:11 Chat Loner
Didn't see Cali's message but whoo I got something right for once
07:03:04 Bailey
Same Hades lol
07:02:56 Tangle || Woody
Oh. That makes sense
~ Hades ~
07:02:53 Chat Loner
Cocker Spaniel x King Charles Cavalier I'm guessing
California Valley
07:02:37 Cali | Kale | Call
Cocker Spaniel x King Charles Cavalier
~ Hades ~
07:02:23 Chat Loner
I swear to gawd
I need to stop getting so excited when I see the mailbox icon
07:02:06 Tangle || Woody
Cockalier? Cocker Spaniel x ?
~ Hades ~
07:01:44 Chat Loner
I've updated my avi to a better photo of my Lynkster
California Valley
06:59:35 Cali | Kale | Call
Hades lol she is only 7 months and she is a Cockalier. But in person she actually isnt that small lmao
06:58:45 Tangle || Woody
He used to be my avvie, but felt like I needed a change.
~ Hades ~
06:58:10 Chat Loner
Tangle I love it
My child is my stable avi
~ Hades ~
06:57:47 Chat Loner
I'm not good at drawing small doggos
06:57:42 Tangle || Woody
My liddle baby :(
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The Ray Boys February 21, 2019 08:50 PM

Freiheit Farms
Posts: 1817
A pair of empty rope swings swayed in the gentle, autumn breeze. Paint was chipped and peeling off, exposing the worn wood underneath. The tree that was holding the swings seemed just as old, with gnarled branches that were thick and growing around the rope, permanently keeping the homemade swings in place. A tall man stood in front of the great tree. His hands were in the pockets of his black suit jacket and his head hung low in sorrow. The man’s curly blonde hair was obscuring his eyes but tears gently ran down his cheeks and eventually dropped into the grass by his feet.

Scott watched this scene with his sister from afar. He too was dressed in a black suit and his sister was in a modest black dress with a veil over her face. The girl was also crying with her face pressed against her eldest brother’s chest. Scott had his arms around her in an attempt to silently comfort her but still watched his brother in the backyard. The dark haired man sighed. “This is going to be hard on him, Adria.”

The thirteen year old looked up at Scott and nodded slowly. Her blue eyes were still wet with tears as she looked out the window of their father’s house. Adria was going to have to face the pains of womanhood alone without a mother to guide her.

Scott’s brother soon collected himself and walked back inside. He held no emotion in his face but his warm, honey brown eyes betrayed his deep sorrow. The blonde walked up to his older brother and said, “Is Kristine here?”

“No. Said she was busy.” Scott replied softly. The sorrow and anguish in his brother’s eyes deepened as he nodded and walked away. Scott watched him go to the other side of the room and sit down in an old, wooden chair. The eldest brother was startled when he heard movement behind him. It came from his father who was walking to the blonde. Scott grabbed his father’s arm and pleaded, “Don’t be hard on him. He’s suffered enough.” His father scoffed and pulled away. Then he yanked his brother out of his chair and pulled him outside. There was nothing Scott could do about his father’s harsh criticism towards his brother.

Adria looked at her brother. “Scott… Dad blames him for mom’s death….”

Scott’s face went pale and his heart rate increased rapidly. “I need to help him,” he said with a splash of fear tinting the tone of his voice. Scott left his youngest sibling and went outside to find his brother with a face that held no emotion, but eyes which burned with pure anger, hatred, and frustration. His father, however, shared no hint of emotion. He didn’t even have anything in his eyes as he softly spoke to the blonde. Scott could not hear what was said but he heard the deep buzzing of his father’s voice. “Dad!” Scott called out. His father stopped speaking and turned to face his elder son.

“Not now Scott. Your brother and I are having a…. needed conversation.”

“Actually, I need to borrow Eli for a second.” Scott persisted. He clasped a hand on his brother’s shoulder and lead him away from their disapproving father.

Gratefulness flashed across Eli’s eyes. “Thank you.” The blonde said softly. The father watched with a scowl on his face as the two young men walked away.

Once they were out of earshot, Scott promptly said, “You need to not let him tell you what to do. You’re a grown adult. You could press charges if you wanted to at this point.”

“And what's that gonna do? Stop him?” Eli growled quietly with furrowed brows and started to walk away. “It would only make it worse.” He added softly.

Scott watched as his brother walked away and then sighed angrily. When was Eli going to understand that Scott was trying to help? As his thought subsided, the dark haired man walked back into the house. The house that he had shared so many memories with his mother. He remembered all of the lively dinners they had when his father was out on a business trip. Scott’s mother would tell so many stories about when she was young, however, she would exaggerate her story often to make it seem so magical (which was very satisfying when they were children and still believed in things like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.).

Scott was brought back to reality when Adria addressed him. “Have you seen Eli?” She asked with worry in her eyes.

“Didn’t he come back inside?” Scott asked quickly. He was interrupted with a loud crash coming from the shed outside. Scott looked out the window. The light was on and the door of the old shed was cracked open. “I’ll be right back,” he said and then left the house through the back door. Scott walked quietly on the soft grass of the backyard and then peeked through the opening. This was their mother’s gardening shed. It had stacks of clay pots along the walls and a wooden shelf with pairs of gloves, seeds, spades, and other gardening equipment in the back corner. The shelf was now knocked over with the top of the shelf resting on the wall on the other side. A couple of pots were broken and Eli sat in the middle of the shed with his back at an angle towards Scott. Eli’s shoulders trembled and shuddered as he clutched a small object in his bleeding hands. Scott couldn’t see his brother’s face but he could already see his expression (his nose would be cherry red and the rest of his face would be blotchy with puffy, bloodshot eyes).

Scott opened the door slowly. He calmly walked to Eli and sat down and leaned his back against him. The blonde caught his breath in shock and then leaned back into Scott. “Just breathe,” the dark haired man said softly. Eli took deep breaths but they were still trembling. He still held an object in his hands and clasped it tightly. “It’s mom’s ring isn’t it?” Scott asked quietly as he turned his head to get a glimpse of Eli’s golden hair. Their mother’s ring was a stunning little thing with a thin silver band and three, tiny emeralds. It had intricate swirl-like details along the side and even on the inside. She never wore it though. Their mother said it was too beautiful and she didn’t want to lose it. His brother nodded, sniffling. “We’re in this together.” Scott said suddenly. “Even if mom isn’t here and dad doesn’t care, I’m still here along with Adria. We’re here for you. No matter what.” He reached over and put a hand on Eli’s shoulder. “Now, let’s get your hands cleaned up.” Scott stood up and lent a hand out to his little brother. Eli looked up at him with glossy eyes. The dark haired man’s prediction about his brother’s face was correct. The blonde reached up and grabbed Scott’s hand. The eldest sibling lifted Eli to his feet and the two men walked back up to the house with their arms around each other’s shoulders.

I am a robot.
Just another lifeless being.
I am nothing and yet,
I feel something.

I am a robot.
My vision greys.
You tore me apart
And my soul fades.

I am a robot
That used to know love.
I know not this feeling anymore.
I am just wires now.

I am a robot.
You cast me away.
I am nothing inside.
I am a robot.

Edited at February 21, 2019 08:55 PM by Freiheit Farms
The Ray Boys February 21, 2019 09:18 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 4521
This is really interesting o.o :D
The Ray Boys February 25, 2019 08:37 PM
Stethoscope Stables
Posts: 376
I like the poem at the end
The Ray Boys February 25, 2019 08:39 PM

Freiheit Farms
Posts: 1817
Thanks guys! :D
The Ray Boys August 3, 2019 08:12 PM

Vellum Elites
Posts: 1704
Nice job Frei! I am assuming this is somewhat of an origin story? Very nicely written!
The Ray Boys August 3, 2019 08:37 PM

Freiheit Farms
Posts: 1817
Yeah pretty much lol Thanks! <3

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