08:36:46 Wixy / Azi <3
Crow, oh dear
Shamrock Equines
08:34:36 Crowley
Not really. Thyia is behind.
08:33:23 Wixy / Azi <3
Crow, don't worry.
Barely managing especially after the death of Raptor.
Did you get any nice week 4s/8s?
The Seven Sins
08:31:50 Sveven/Karma
Yay! I'm glad you went up all wk4.
-HEE Click-
Shamrock Equines
08:31:15 Crowley
-YT Click-
Shamrock Equines
08:30:29 Crowley
I didn’t see it.

Alive. You?
08:29:43 Wixy / Azi <3
Crow you ignored my previous chat >:( nevermind lol.
How are you?
Blueberry Hill
08:29:31 Kidd / Pop
Forgot to track some of the week 4s over here >.>
Ranch Lands Training
08:28:53 Lilly/PON Addict
Like she was just trying her best and being so sweet and now I have to shower and wash the bedding 😭
Shamrock Equines
08:28:40 Crowley
Witch Hazel Acres
08:28:07 Hazey
Noo and the beds probably wet now too that's the worst
08:27:57 Wixy / Azi <3
Shamrock Equines
08:27:45 Crowley
Angels angels
08:27:32 Brindle Obsessed
Well she tried Lilly :)
Ranch Lands Training
08:26:50 Lilly/PON Addict
Hope everyone is having a better morning then me. I've got the flu and in an attempt to make me feel better my toddler handed me her sippy cup while I was laying in bed, except I didn't have the lid on tight enough and it split all over my face :)
08:25:54 Myrth
3S Cast n Characters
08:25:08 Kitty
thank you
3S Cast n Characters
08:24:58 Kitty
-HEE Click-
and she did ok, for wk 4
08:23:55 Myrth
I’d hit watch but I’m on the wrong account 😂
3S Cast n Characters
08:22:41 Kitty
-HEE Click-
what a good girl, wk 8 and all up!
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