Dragon Breath
Almost forgot about this one as well
-HEE Click-
05:17:45 Crowley|Anti-Tee(jk)
What happened? 😂
05:16:51 Blook || Yakiv
Rf will be the death of me i swear to god
Nordic Designs
05:12:44 Keonah
*shakes fists at RF* lol
Bluebonnet Estates
05:10:23 Blue~Training Fairy
-HEE Click-
I got her out of a EEE
The Old Gods
05:07:41 Void Malign
-_- the student loan people still haven't processed my IDR plan.
Maco Stables
05:06:58 Maco
She's very beautiful!
Dragon Breath
-HEE Click-
Candra Farms
04:58:40 Velvet
I have before
California Valley
04:52:13 Cali | Kale | Calz
If the horses match and RF is in your favor, yes
Mars Stables
Can you breed an EEE horse to an WWW horse and get an EWW or an EEW?
Legacy Leagues
04:51:11 Alyssa
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-

They need to hurry up and grow. I'm ready to redeem myself with them lol
Ironworks Equestria
04:34:38 Dr. Egon Spengler
I'll hope for the best when the time comes
The Undercity
04:33:52 Dory | Sierra
I know! I am so excited i can potentially get apricots from her :D
Ironworks Equestria
04:32:46 Dr. Egon Spengler
She's got some color spectacular potential
-HEE Click-
That's supposed to be a grey horse?
The Undercity
04:30:52 Dory | Sierra
I never even noticed she was also hiding silver
Bluebonnet Estates
04:29:48 Blue~Training Fairy
Definitely got some nice genes taht she's hiding 👀
The Undercity
04:28:18 Dory | Sierra
Blue i am sad she doged the tobi but she didn't dodge the prl :D
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170| PLBA Tier 2 Best Foal September 18, 2023 10:06 PM

The Seven Sins
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**For members of the Pintaloosa Leaderboard Associationonly!
If you are a member and forgot to enter this year, don't forget next time! All you have to do is send me a link to your favorite appaloosa or patterned foal of the season before the poll is posted. 😉

TIER 2 (Prize 80k-100k)

(P.S. If you click on stable name, it will bring you to the page of the foal ❤️)

Foal 1:
Foal 2:

Foal 3:
Bred by Tequila
Foal 4:

This Poll is for Club: Pintaloosa Leaderboard Association

Poll Question: Vote for PLBA Tier 2 best foal!
Total Votes: 21
Foal 1 : 629%
Foal 2 : 629%
Foal 3 : 210%
Foal 4 : 733%

You have cast your vote.
Edited at September 18, 2023 10:21 PM by The Seven Sins
170| PLBA Tier 2 Best Foal September 30, 2023 08:14 PM

California Valley
Game Moderator
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Congrats DS9, prize ebs will be sent out soon!

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