The wilderness
05:04:02 Wild
Boulder -
I know how to make ebs, I just was asking how other people do it whether they do showing or whatever :)
04:58:18 Maggie
Hidden falls are pretty dry this morning...
Boulder Creek
Check out the Trivia - easy and fun way to make weekly ebs.
The Genetics practice will help with up to 5k a day. And quests can be profitable if you're able to churn them out.
04:53:09 Maggie
Is it possible to breed 2 breeds at a time? Thinking of ISH and WB.
04:51:30 Maggie
I just enter shows.
The wilderness
04:51:00 Wild
What do people here do to earn ebs? I’m curious of different people’s strategy.
i dont know i should check
04:48:55 Maggie
What is the colour rarity?
hm okay thanks
04:48:24 Maggie
If it looks gorgeous to you, sure.
is a blood bay a good keeper for a color breeder ??
it really is
04:44:40 Maggie
This chat is... so dead.
04:42:11 Maggie
The wilderness
04:18:59 Wild
Sales chat is dead too, and I don’t wanna flood it lol
The wilderness
04:07:39 Wild
But lol I don’t have the patience to look through the breeding list of EEE+ mares. And 5hey’ll probably be too expensive. But I’ll save up.
The wilderness
04:04:39 Wild
Well I’m hoping to find a Mare to match Depth Charge.
03:48:53 Whim
Wild Garnet Fields
03:48:05 Arc
-HEE Click-
Just this one for me, but I don't have super high hopes for it lol
03:47:02 Whim
What are your big matches?

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   New Roan! October 8, 2019 11:33 AM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 2562
New Roans made by Jeri!

New Roan 1

New Roan 2

And using our nifty new Pin Post feature. :D

Edited at October 8, 2019 11:34 AM by Cadence Farms
New Roan! August 3, 2019 12:00 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 2562

A lovely new Roan variation has been added to the Game to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary! Courtesy of Ven!

And the lovely Trophy was drawn by Nyvanne!


Edited at August 3, 2019 12:29 PM by Cadence Farms
New Roan! August 3, 2019 12:01 PM

Sweet Oak Rodeos
Posts: 213
I love it! <3
New Roan! August 3, 2019 12:02 PM

Color Wonder Stables
Posts: 984
Happy Birthday HEE!
Love the new roan variation!
New Roan! August 3, 2019 12:10 PM

Posts: 1165
New Roan! August 3, 2019 12:10 PM

Polaroid Acres
Posts: 19
It's very pretty! Happy 10 years HEE
New Roan! August 3, 2019 12:11 PM

Mystic Fox Manor
Posts: 437
Gorgeous Ven! Thanks 🥰
New Roan! August 3, 2019 12:15 PM

Hemlock Farms
Posts: 2783
Gorgeous! Thank you, Ven!
New Roan! August 3, 2019 12:18 PM

McSmith Ranch
Trivia Team
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Now I definitely love roans!
New Roan! August 3, 2019 12:20 PM

Celestial Estates
Posts: 3808
Ohhhhh thank goodness for those rerolls Eve!

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