Lunar Arabians
11:58:23 Cap Eater || Hawk
its definitely the butt, more stock searching for me
11:55:49 Wixy
@haunting hollow, looks like they match to me!
Lunar Arabians
11:54:24 Cap Eater || Hawk
This horse isnt cooperating
haunting hollow
-HEE Click-
Greenheart Stables
11:37:04 Green|Gree|Gen
Its really nice for my social anxiety and epilepsy, I've improved so much, granted I still advocate for sending kids to public school for proper socializing and set education, I only did online my senior year
Willow Springs Ranch
11:33:07 Lace / FC
that sounds so nice :o
i'm so tired of public school and the irritating people
*Rising Stars TBs*
11:33:01 Star / Sarah
Bye, gtg My School starts!
Willow Springs Ranch
11:32:11 Lace / FC
i have to be up in 4 and a half hours ;-;

goodnight guys ♡
Greenheart Stables
11:32:00 Green|Gree|Gen
I was making C-B in public, I'm an all A student now that I learn on my own pace, can take as many breaks as needed and get more then 6 hours of sleep when I have to work oh an unlimited snack and nap time lol 😊
Lunar Arabians
11:30:27 Cap Eater || Hawk
homeschool was fabulous
Willow Springs Ranch
11:28:40 Lace / FC
did you like online better though ? i wanted to homeschool so bad
Greenheart Stables
11:27:32 Green|Gree|Gen
I was placed online because a teacher had beef with me lmao
Willow Springs Ranch
11:26:30 Lace / FC
we had a sub give herself a haircut in class one time lmao. no asshole teachers like that though
Willow Springs Ranch
11:25:46 Lace / FC
ya'lls teachers sound great 👀
Lunar Arabians
11:24:35 Cap Eater || Hawk
I had my middle school volleyball coach call me incompetent to my teammates cause she was trying to direct me across the room and through a window:D
Greenheart Stables
11:24:20 Green|Gree|Gen
Yep I wasnt talking about strict teachers I was talk adults on powertrips lol, ive been told by a teacher my epilepsy didnt exist because it was all in my head... Im a diagnosed epileptic lmao
Willow Springs Ranch
11:21:31 Lace / FC
what the heck-
that's insanely unprofessional ??
Greenheart Stables
11:20:21 Green|Gree|Gen
Greenheart Stables
11:20:07 Green|Gree|Gen
Being strict is one thing but forcing a girl to leave class because her insulin monitor kept going off and making a student stand at his desk for being late after a minute the bell ring when there was a shifty storm and traffic is another
*Rising Stars TBs*
11:18:38 Star / Sarah
Lace, They are probably not jealous of my grades, but of our 19 horses
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Capture Party On Thursday! October 19, 2020 10:05 AM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 4517
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Want to win a rare Wild WEE Mare?

Join us Thursday Evening for a Capture Party!

Capture 100 wild horses and be entered into a drawing for a Wild WEE Mare! You choose the combo!

Everyone who participates and captures 100 wild horses will receive 10 rerolls! Wow!

How To Participate

-Capture 100 horses during the Capture Party and hold onto them until the Party completes.

-You must have 100 freshly captured horses in your stable.

-Only horses captured during the party will count, if you capture them before or after the party, they won't count.

-If you capture more than 100 and want to release the extras, that is Ok. Just be sure to hang onto 100 until after the drawing.

If you win, you will select one of your captures to be converted into a WEE mare.

This is a great opportunity to use shiny color tokens!

You can capture any breed you like.

You can capture any gender you like, but the winning horse will be given a sex change to a mare if it is captured as a stallion.

Just be sure it is unbred and no straws are drawn.If you are a runner up winner, you will receive 10 rerolls!


Thursday Noon-10pm Gametime.

The winners will be drawn at 10, and no you do not need to be online to claim your prize. New Start Time is Noon to make it easier for everyone to participate!

Get your Party On and win a rare Wild WEE Mare!

Capture Party On Thursday! October 22, 2020 12:01 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 4517
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Ready to flex those Capture Fingers? It's time! Let's GO GO GO!

Let's reserve this thread for questions. If you'd like to chat it goes Here

Capture Party On Thursday! October 22, 2020 10:11 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 4517
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Time is called! Here we go, the Grand Prize Winner has been drawn....

Drum Roll Please! .......... The WEE mare goes to:

#285649 Forgotten Lies

Huge Congrats!

Also, congrats goes to all of our participents, please enjoy your rerolls! Reroll your favorites into shinies :D

Forgotten Lies, please pm me a link to the horse you wish converted and let me know which discipline you'd like the W in.

Hope you all had a fun time!

Edited at October 22, 2020 10:11 PM by Cadence Farms
Capture Party On Thursday! October 23, 2020 07:27 AM
Forgotten Lies
Posts: 78
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Oh, wow! Thank-you!!! :D
Capture Party On Thursday! October 23, 2020 07:36 PM

SweetFire Fields
Posts: 1441
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Hey, congrats everyone! I wish I had the barn room (and EBs) to participate! Great job, Forgotten!

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