SweetFire Fields
09:06:19 Flaming Doritos
Does anybody know how to make a stylus without foil?
Wuthering Warmbloods
09:04:13 Jared
Well this is nice. Literally 22 of my 24 horses are in the green
09:01:42 Legion
So, I culled out nearly 100 mares from my dressage program.
09:01:06 puck
read the chat and find out :)
09:00:51 Zane Kai Cole Jay
so what's every one talking about?
09:00:23 puck

nice, wagner!
Wagner Eventing
09:00:06 Wagner
Zippy, I am so sorry.
08:59:49 Zane Kai Cole Jay
hey puck!
Wagner Eventing
08:59:48 Wagner
I am so happy. My mare who we have been trying to sell found a home at Temple farm in illinois!
08:41:51 puck
at least you know to treasure your time with her. i feel like a lot of these things take us by surprise and we never slow down and really enjoy them while they're here <3
Blue moon mountain
08:41:19 Blue
I'm finally at 200k on this account. But I have no matches planned 😂
Zippy Love Equine
Thanks, Timbie. We're all in shock because her last scan was totally clear, but we're doing our best to just make this the best holiday season humanly possible while we still have her. <3
Zippy Love Equine
Urgh I wish you could tell more clearly that she's a snowcap given that's what I was hoping she'd be, but she's still cute.
-HEE Click-
Timber Canyon
08:36:26 Timbie
Love ya'll too though.
Timber Canyon
08:36:19 Timbie
Jeez Zippy, so sorry to hear. I hope you and your family are well.
08:36:16 Legion
I just realized how many pictures of Ripley and Niles I have on my phone x_x
Double C Stables
08:35:29 DC :D
how short does a SH have to be to throw PON typically?
Cando Farm
08:33:51 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Thanks all :)
Though on a happier note. I got a sweatshirt i paid 75 dollars finally came after a month XD
Zippy Love Equine
So sorry, Timbie. My grandmother just got diagnosed with relapsed pancreatic cancer that has now metastisized to her lungs and that's my biggest fear, seeing her like that. </3
Purple Pegasus Farm
08:33:40 Purp/PPF
We love you Timbie. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. <3
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Genetics Game Guide November 8, 2017 04:12 PM
Kalarhi Haven Hills
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<div align="center">So, lately I've been reading a lot of questions about the genetics game and how it works, so I decided to create a guide on how I play the genetics game, and almost always getting a perfect score.

This guide will show you, through images the process I take to achieve this.

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Genetics Game Guide November 8, 2017 05:59 PM
Kalarhi Haven Hills
Posts: 11
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First and foremost, the most important thing is that we should know each gene and their alleles:

Extension: Alleles; E dominant, and e recessive; Possibleoutcomes; EE, ee and Ee

Agouti: Alleles; A dominant, At and a recessive; Possible outcomes; AA, aa, AtAt, Aa, AAt, and Ata, A is dominant over At and a, At is dominant over a, alleles order in dominance.

Crème: Alleles; Ccr dominant, and C recessive; Possible outcomes; CcrCcr, CC and CcrC

Roan: Alleles; Rn dominant, and rn recessive; Possible outcomes; RnRn, rnrn and Rnrn

Dun: Alleles; D dominant, and d recessive; Possible outcomes; DD, dd and Dd

Pearl: Alleles; Prl dominant, and prl recessive; Possible outcomes; PrlPrl, prlprl and Prlprl

Silver: Alleles; Z dominant, and z recessive; Possible outcomes; ZZ, zz and Zz

Champagne: Alleles; Ch dominant, and ch recessive; Possible outcomes; ChCh, chch and Chch

Grey: Alleles; G dominant, and g recessive; Possible outcomes; GG, gg and Gg

White: Alleles; W dominant, and w recessive; Possible outcomes; WW, ww and Ww

Tobiano: Alleles; To dominant, and to recessive; Possible outcomes; ToTo, toto and Toto

Splash White: Alleles; Spl dominant, and spl recessive; Possible outcomes; SplSpl, splspl and Splspl

Sabino: Alleles; Sb dominant, and sb recessive; Possible outcomes; SbSb, sbsb and Sbsb

Rabicano: Alleles; Rb dominant, and rb recessive; Possible outcomes; RbRb, rbrb and Rbrb

Frame: Alleles; O dominant, and o recessive; Possible outcomes; OO, oo and Oo

Leopard Complex: Alleles; Lp dominant, and lp recessive; Possible outcomes; LpLp, lplp and Lplp

PATN-1: Alleles; PATN-1 dominant, and patn-1 recessive; Possible outcomes; PATN-1PATN-1, patn-1patn-1 and PATN-1patn-1

PATN-2: Alleles; PATN-2 dominant, and patn-2 recessive; Possible outcomes; PATN-2PATN-2, patn-2patn-2 and PATN-2patn-2

Things to note:

Brindle is not a gene, including it will count as an incorrect answer.

Alleles order in dominance, so the dominant allele will always come first when writing the gene, in the case of Agouti with 3 possible alleles, A will always come before either At and a, and At will always come before a.

Watch your capitalization, one wrong case and that entire line is incorrect

Homozygous is the term used for when both genes are the same, Homozygous Dominant is where both alleles are the Dominant allele such as EE, Homozygous recessive is where both alleles are the recessive allele such as ee, Heterozygous is where one allele is the dominant and one is the recessive such as Ee

Edited at November 8, 2017 10:00 PM by Silver Forest
Genetics Game Guide November 8, 2017 09:25 PM
Kalarhi Haven Hills
Posts: 11
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Now that is over and done with,we can begin the process of solving this game

First, we will need two horses to play the game with, here is two that I got the day of making this guide:

these two horses have 54 possible genetic combinations

Next we will need to open up a text document, either word or notepad or another writing software will work, it’s just a lot easier then using the HEE text box.Here is my usual setup:

Okay so, we have our set up ready, time to copy and paste the first example line into the document, this will be our base:

Go through and looking off the genes, make the corrections for at least 1 possibility of each gene, for one line of text, in this case this:


Should be:


Looking at this, the first gene has variables, I always do them in order. In this case we have heterozygous Ee on both parents, so the possibilities are EE, ee,and Ee so we put these changes into our line.

there we have the 3 possibilities for the first gene along with a set combination of the rest, now we move on to the second gene

In this case gene two has no variables, so we do not change anything.

The same thing happens with genes 3-15, where in this situation they have no variables,so we keep those the same.

now we have Leopard Complex, which much like the first gene, both parents are heterozygous Lplp, so the possibilities are LpLp, lplp, and Lplp,

So, copy and paste the possibilities from the first gene and paste it a space down to keep it separated for now for an easier view of which lines you need to change.

now in this case as this gene has 2 other possibilities from the one we had set in the original we need to have another set of the 3 first variables,

now go through and in the first paste,change the leopard complex gene to the second possible combination, and the second paste as the third

you can now get rid of the spaces between these, as these are now the set you will use for the next gene

Our next gene is PATN-1, once again in this case we have double heterozygous, so we need to copy and paste twice, so we have sections for each of our possible outcomes PATN-1PATN-1, patn-1patn-1and PATN-1patn-1

repeat; in the first paste,change the PATN-1 gene to the second possible combination, and the second paste as the third

you can now get rid of the spaces between these, as these are now the set you will use for the next gene

our next gene is PATN-2, in this case one parent is heterozygous but the other one is homozygous recessive, so our possible outcomes are patn-2patn-2 and PATN-2patn-2, as we have patn-2patn-2 in our original we only need to paste once and change it to PATN-2patn-2.


now get rid of the spacing


we are now done, is some cases you will have a lot more pasting, sometimes less, you just need to look at the alleles and the variables

a good way to check that you are most likely correct is your word document should say the number of words, this number should be the same as the number of possible combinations you saw at the beginning


watch your casing

take your time

double heterozygous genes will always have 3 possible combinations, so you must double paste

homozygous to heterozygous will always have 2 possible combinations, so you must paste once

double homozygous will always have 1 possible combination, so you will not paste and make sure you have this combination in your base

once you have done all of this, you can copy and past your lines from your word document to the HEE text box.


pasting will leave an extra blank line, this will be taken as a guess, while it wont harm your score if you got everything right it will count as an incorrect answer, the simple fix is hitting backspace once, but make sure not to accidentally delete the 2 from the previous line.

If pasting 100 lines or over if you hit backspace it will delete up to the 100th line, including the2 (or sometimes more) of the 100th line, be sure to catch and correct this.

You should now be set to successfully play HEE’s genetics game!

If you have any questions, or believe I forgot something, don’t be afraid to comment and I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

Edited at November 8, 2017 10:02 PM by Silver Forest
Genetics Game Guide November 9, 2017 08:03 AM

Llama Queen
Posts: 1070
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Only thing I see is the White. Not sure how genetics practice handles LWO genetic combinations.

I.E. would WW be a viable answer, or would you delete it as a non viable one?
Genetics Game Guide November 9, 2017 08:06 AM
Kalarhi Haven Hills
Posts: 11
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Another good thing to note that your number of lines should do the following when going through the line

If the Gene has 1 possibility then your amount of lines should not change, this possibility should be in your base line.

If the Gene has 2 possibilities then your amount of lines should double.

If the Gene has 3 possibilities then your amount of lines should triple.

In the case of Agouti having 4 possibilities then your amount of line should quadruple.

Edited at November 9, 2017 10:21 AM by Silver Forest
Genetics Game Guide November 9, 2017 08:09 AM
Kalarhi Haven Hills
Posts: 11
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Llama Queen said:
Only thing I see is the White. Not sure how genetics practice handles LWO genetic combinations.

I.E. would WW be a viable answer, or would you delete it as a non viable one?

This game is more about possible combinations not viable ones, while I've never had this case I believe you would include it.

The easiest way to check is to include the non viable options, if your final amount of lines is greater then the amount they give you try deleting the nonviable ones, if your number then matches the number they give you then you are not supposed to include it.

Edited at November 9, 2017 08:14 AM by Silver Forest
Genetics Game Guide November 9, 2017 10:19 AM
Kalarhi Haven Hills
Posts: 11
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Agouti is your black sheep in the case of genes because of the fact that it has 3 possible alleles A, At and a. A is the most dominant, At is dominant over a, and a is recessive.

AA, AtAt, aa, Aa, AAt, and Ata are the possible outcomes.

so depending on the parents you could end up with 1 outcome, 2 outcomes, 3 outcomes or even 4.

This is the only gene where you can get a double heterozygous and would require a triple paste resulting in quadrupling your prior line number.


Today I got:

Aa on my Sire and Ata on my Dam.

The Sire can throw either his A or a,and the Dam can throw either her At or a,


So our 4 outcomes in this case are AAt, Aa, Ata, and aa.

I believe I will be making a youtube video tonight, recording my process so it is easier to understand and study, compared to me jumping around in pictures. I will be going over everything I have said so far in this guide, plus some new stuff.
<div style="text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">This video will be using 2 more diverse parents as instead of only have 54 possible outcomes like in here, they have 576 possible genetic outcomes.

Edited at November 9, 2017 10:26 AM by Silver Forest
Genetics Game Guide November 10, 2017 08:26 PM
Kalarhi Haven Hills
Posts: 11
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<div align="center">And FINALLY! here we go, I full video guide:
Genetics Game Guide March 4, 2018 07:57 PM
Former Stable
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You are a god. Thank you so much <3
Genetics Game Guide September 29, 2018 08:51 PM
Posts: 105
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Hopefully this is still active.

The first time I did the game I didn't do any copy/pasting, I just did the guesses into the game and did pretty well. The last two days I've done a copy paste from a text file and it's come back as 100% wrong.

If I guess more then 100 just in case some are wrong do they all come back as wrong?

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