Hollow Tree Acres
08:04:41 Crazy Goat Lady
Pfffft Dim theyre WWWs 😂😂😂
Emmas Eventers
Baby fever only exists for me if it has fur, feathers or gills lol
Sunstone Elite
08:04:14 Sun/Sunny
Don't even get me started on TV show/movie dudes. I'd be annoying everyone all night with my Marvel talk xD
08:03:35 Dimmed
Pppfffft nobody wants them 😂 I'll just let them sit for a month
Hollow Tree Acres
08:03:07 Crazy Goat Lady
Pffft Dim you have some nice girls to brood out 😂
Hollow Tree Acres
08:02:43 Crazy Goat Lady
I actually talked to a guy a few months ago and it was going really well. I wasn't nervous at all and the conversation was flowing but then he asked me to meet up with him 😒
08:02:43 Dimmed
Errr I just realized I'm broke broke and won't be able to breed next month here 😂😂 oops
Hollow Tree Acres
08:01:13 Crazy Goat Lady
In Greys Anatomy I have the biggest crush on Alex. I hated him early in the show because he was a complete 😡 but now he's so sweet and seeing him with a baby just makes my heart melt and it gives me baby fever 😂
Sunstone Elite
08:01:12 Sun/Sunny
True Hollow. I'm personally all for taking it sorta slow, getting to know one another for awhile and then becoming something more if it feels right
Hollow Tree Acres
07:59:40 Crazy Goat Lady
Hopefully the whole soulmate thing is real, Dim! <3 Just wish mine would come asap 😂
Hollow Tree Acres
07:58:44 Crazy Goat Lady
Sun, I don't have a type at all. I just see someone I like and there's an instant connection. Personality is the kicker though. He could be Niall Horan and have a bleh personality and I'm like no
Equity Falls
07:57:37 Dimmed | KNN
You'll find that one day Stump <3 just keep an open mind. I never wanted to be with someone who had kids and now I've got a "step-daughter" lol. But I couldn't be happier and couldn't ask for a better relationship
Hollow Tree Acres
07:57:35 Crazy Goat Lady
It's not like I'm saying I want a 6'3 Blonde hair blue eyed tan country boy who's loaded but I wouldn't complain if he were 😂
Rains Horses
07:57:10 Rain
I feel the same way honestly I'm happier single then in a relationship
Sunstone Elite
07:56:56 Sun/Sunny
We all have some sort of dream guy I think Hollow lol. I do, at least, but realistically, I'm just going to wait it out for the right guy.
Hollow Tree Acres
07:56:04 Crazy Goat Lady
My friends say I'm too picky when I comes to guys because I want someone with a good head on their shoulders that wants a farm as much as I do one day, and wants to help out. Someone super sweet and caring but apparently that doesnt exist 😂 My man is gonna have to put up with my craziness and my goats 👀
Hollow Tree Acres
07:54:04 Crazy Goat Lady
I used to not care either but now I'm starting college and it makes me sad seeing happy couples 😂
Lucky Ranch
07:53:59 Grapey II Eggs
xD same duckey
Spirtasi Whims
07:53:09 Wings/Spring Day
I hope I'm not the only one that doesn't want to be in a relationship, not because of reasons having to do with a bad one but just because I wouldn't care to be single or in a relationship
Equity Falls
07:51:10 Dimmed | KNN
Honestly most guys up here are absolute shit too 😂 which is why I was single for 4 years. The two most recent guys are from down south and the Caribbean. Adrian is Jamaican and Kendrick was from Alabama. They both respect me more than any man I've met from up here
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