Freshpark Stables
Then just don't consume dairy..? It's hard to avoid dairy in products, I admit (especially when you see 'Milk Powder' on the label) but you can reduce how many products you eat that contain milk.
12:52:34 NeEd MorE DaPPleS
But One cow tends to feed more people than the crops the animal is Fed.So demand would increase and we'd be in a worse situation.Basically just try local to keep emissions down,And if you can a little self sustaining doesn't hurt.If you dont have the facilities - Then do your best ;P
Golden Meadows
12:52:26 Husky, GM, Ghost
If I don't have at least a glass of milk in any given day**
Hayzed Pastures
Its a pretty accurate number of corn and soybeans. Not all crops. Just those two mainly. We cant eat all the soybeans we grow. And the fact that corn isnt really good for humans. We cant do much with corn digrstively
Golden Meadows
12:51:27 Husky, GM, Ghost
There /are/ no local dairy farms. I get huge headaches and I start to uncontrollably shake
Freshpark Stables
It's something around that number - google it.
Where'd you get that percentage?
Freshpark Stables
Anyway, I'm out.
Freshpark Stables
To be fair, 70% or something of our crops are fed to cows in factory farms.
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:49:40 Graceful
All my BABLB are WC. I'm super surprised. :D
Freshpark Stables
True. The meat and egg industry (dairy is the same as the meat industry due to the whole process) is so messed up, whereas local is way better.
Python Ridge
12:48:52 Roe / Fish Eggs
If you want to grow enough crops to sustain you for a lifetime you need a lot of land. Now imagine if everyone in the world did it.
Freshpark Stables
Well, you don't exactly have to have milk. It's not really an essential. On the other hand, you could try getting it from some local farms :)
12:48:20 NeEd MorE DaPPleS
Yes,Local Is much more sustainable!But it's alot for farmers to do - To stay with demand and keep emissions low.Its still got a long way to go till a solution is found really. ^.^
RiverSide Ponies
12:48:00 River
Oh god i've got too many coloureds again -.-
Freshpark Stables
Reduce your waste.
Golden Meadows
12:47:44 Husky, GM, Ghost
I can't find any where I live is the thing.
Elysium Opalus
12:47:37 elysium opalus
Khatovar already has a few WC braves already in the LB.
Freshpark Stables
@Graceful It was an example. You can grow some that you aren't allergic to, that's an idea. Or, if you get them from the store, get the loose stuff and bring your own cloth bag.
Crest Haven
12:47:26 Crest / Hail
-HEE Click-

super proud of this dude. #3 ISH freshman. #19 freshman overall. #23 ISH eventing stallion. Just off the ABLB

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