Los Chingones
07:15:47 LC
ok thank you
07:15:32 fingwrs arw stick
Yes, thats allowed :)

Stuff that involves selling is for sales (what I've been told)
Los Chingones
07:15:03 LC
its just a stable name change
07:14:37 fingwrs arw stick
Here, depending on the subject
Los Chingones
07:12:32 LC
where can i post forum polls?
MakeEm Fancy
07:07:25 Ally 🌺
Thats what i thought
Equestrians dreams
07:05:57 MJ

ItÂ’s my HEE anniversary YAY
Heaven on Earth
07:04:22 Fishy Salad
I'm rewatching The Musketeers and remembering how much I love it!!
07:02:29 puck
some are *super* strong though so they're nice to have around, but if you want to make money off stud fees it won't be through EEE colts
07:02:09 puck
Ally, not really. I have one for color but that's it.
MakeEm Fancy
07:01:33 Ally 🌺
Is it worth keeping EEE colts?
Blitz Farms
06:59:39 Blitz
Thank you so much! :D
06:58:50 Wookadile
That chimera is gorgeous Blitz
Blitz Farms
06:58:10 Blitz
oops fixed link -HEE Click-
Blitz Farms
06:57:44 Blitz
-HEE Click- :/ okay for a SEE mare I guess
Montova Acres
06:56:06 Mon
He's still low on the LB but whatever lol
06:55:51 puck
All the Ws!
Montova Acres
06:54:54 Mon
-HEE Click-
06:51:41 puck
nice, mon!
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Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?
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