01:54:20 Alyssa
XD hello
01:54:07 Tea
Omg Luxi I didn't recognize you there for a second xD
01:52:58 Alyssa
what's everyone doing :)
01:47:39 Irish Capp
-HEE Click- whoop whoop
01:44:41 *saying dumb shit*
Wow! xD I bet thats going to help with RO
Madsie Manor
01:44:13 Madsie // 🥝
Licky I agree! They were willing to spend up to 200k!
Kuewi KNN Stable
01:43:24 Bazinga Force
-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-

I like them
01:42:59 *saying dumb shit*
Circle Star RIDs
01:42:00 Granny C
People always want to see into/know the future, yet when they do, they don't recognize it.
Madsie Manor
01:41:41 Madsie // 🥝
Woah... I sold an EEE ISH mare for 150k
01:37:56 Scout
People are super dumb. Nothing surprises me anymore.
Stormsong Manor
01:37:53 Darth Ven
I bought a gallon of ice cream with my tests and cried while I was paying so I pretty much didn't even need the tests
Moonrose Mountains
01:37:23 Diva
I wasted my money a few times Ven when I refused to believe it when I was pregnant with my daughter XD
Stormsong Manor
01:37:19 Darth Ven
01:37:04 Gala
can't be bothered to read a page of instructions. Pay's 3x more for convenience. Sounds about right.
Stormsong Manor
01:36:16 Darth Ven
You can get them from the dollar store and they'll still work. It's just hormones in your urine.
01:36:07 Tea
xD yes.
Stormsong Manor
01:35:42 Darth Ven
They make digital ones that say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" for people who apparently don't get the one/two lines thing, and want to waste their money lol.
Vixen Creek
01:34:55 Vixie
Lmao soupy
01:34:53 Gala
I feel like "how to read a pregnancy test" should really be a part of health class.. may help answer a few questions for some in the future.
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