04:29:16 Tangle || Rebel Fork
What are you making, Winter?
~ Hades ~
04:28:14 Queen Of Ootensils
Yeah man
Thats gnarly xD
04:27:29 Tangle || Rebel Fork
That made me grin because I know what you mean because I've spent at least 3 hours in the past month researching Aussie slang xD
~ Hades ~
04:26:18 Queen Of Ootensils
Winters is actually looking sick
04:25:02 Tangle || Rebel Fork
~ Hades ~
04:24:34 Queen Of Ootensils
Mines not up yet
04:24:04 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Ah, cool. Will try to pop in in about 10 minutes, will you still be doing it?
~ Hades ~
04:23:53 Queen Of Ootensils
No, I actually don't
People have just been contacting me through PM's
04:22:21 Madsie
Yess Hades! Do you have an art shop
04:22:19 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Shoot, just saw the chat timestap. -_- Never mind
~ Hades ~
04:22:03 Queen Of Ootensils
I'm gonna re do mine as soon as Winter has finished theirs :D
Got two horses to do for a frend
04:20:57 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Might be able to pop in on both of you soon. How long will you be running them for, guys?
Wintergreen Gardens
@ Belle
Try this <3
Capricorn Elites
03:48:27 Capri | Capri-Sun
If i throw her and five other wild mares at some leaderboard studs randomly do you think they'll produce ok?

-HEE Click-
~ Hades ~
03:46:51 Queen Of Ootensils
JM back up and running
Bee Pack
03:39:36 Belle
I need to buy straws but I have no idea whos <.<

It wont let me see it :(
Lumix Estates
03:32:50 Hey, stob it!
Crap- I have two maidens coming up tomorrow.. I dunno who I'll be throwing them at >~>
Capricorn Elites
03:32:39 Capri | Capri-Sun
I can't wait for RO *^*
Wintergreen Gardens
What do you guys think so far?
Shivering Sea
03:25:10 Shiv
Nope and I am glad it's like this. I got enough confused with WBxTB on its day lol
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