SPR Equestrian
thanks guys, didn't realize there was a different chat for that!
All Breeds
01:48:29 Fawn
SPR Equestrian, anything sales related belongs in sales chat.
Painted Perfection
01:48:03 Pas
SPR that goes to sales chat
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:48:00 K/Mini Boyd Martin
SPR sales chat
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:47:44 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Mine are...
Free range 19 horses (4/10)
Geld 5 stallions(3/5)
Breed a foal with double premium rating
Heaven on Earth
01:46:31 Heavenlea
Haha I just captured a white horse 😂
Painted Perfection
01:46:23 Pas
Aww some of her tack is gone
Painted Perfection
01:46:01 Pas
I still can't believe she hit the lbs three yrs in a row now

-HEE Click-
Heaven on Earth
01:45:50 Heavenlea
My quests are currently:
Breed a RbRb foal
Breed a SplSpl foal
Capture a Tobiano horse...
So I'm not getting anywhere..
Sikoa Acres
Set free 100 horses.
Completed: 0/100
The quests hate me!
Painted Perfection
01:44:38 Pas
Crap I forgot my premium ran up
Painted Perfection
01:43:46 Pas
Same here
Sikoa Acres
I just used the capture a patterned horse, and got a white one. So completed the second quest! Still no Tobiano, tho. Heaven, do you need any capture passes? I Have a few. Just not free capture.
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:43:25 K/Mini Boyd Martin
I'm surprised at her rating!
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:42:59 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Tess. Good luck XD
Aventurine Hills
01:42:34 Tess
Omg - I have to capture a white horse. :(
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:42:32 K/Mini Boyd Martin
You should rate her and see what her color rating is
Amaranthe Manor
01:41:42 Ebony
I know right
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:40:28 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Ebony, wow
All Breeds
01:40:12 Fawn
Man Cheez- It Duos should be illegal with how good they are (Cheddar and Parm)

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Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

EEE SHLB stallion August 28, 2019 01:54 PM

Posts: 76
Idk if I’m actually going to sell him, but what do y’all think he’s worth??

Edited at August 28, 2019 01:54 PM by MinBreezie
EEE SHLB stallion August 28, 2019 06:00 PM

Keeper of the Lost
Posts: 1297
He's pretty low on the LBs, so I'd say maybe 150k. His production looks nice and consistent, though, which is a plus.

Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

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