08:56:26 Gala
Eury that would make sense. In Michigan we a see a little of everything outside of hurricanes, when it's not 7 months a year we hide from snow lol.
Cadence Farms
08:55:58 evebot
They are doing sirens here right now.
New Eagle Equine
08:55:20 Eagle 🎨
They never test the sirens here. Which I find odd since were in Texas.
Libbygray Mares
we dont have those kinds of sirens here in australia
Cadence Farms
08:55:07 evebot
All kinds of prizes!!
The Joker
08:55:06 Knight of Ootensils
Hang in there!
Cadence Farms
08:54:56 evebot
Time for Trivia!

New Eagle Equine
08:54:37 Eagle 🎨
Haha Joker! Exactly how I feel!
08:54:05 Legion
OKC tested their's at noon, every Saturday unless it was cloudy
New Eagle Equine
08:53:59 Eagle 🎨
I'm not a huge fan on lemon. But I do like lemonade.
The Joker
08:53:51 Knight of Ootensils
Omg that sucks! all I can think of is this vine
Libbygray Mares
ooft i feel you
08:53:04 Gala
They test our alarm systems locally the first Saturday of every month at 1pm. I always forget and have to check the date lol.
New Eagle Equine
08:51:05 Eagle 🎨
Oh. And my phone charger broke. Tonight's going well.
Freedom Elites
08:50:59 Freedom
Anything lemon sounds horrible right now. I feel horrible right now >_< literally had maybe two bites. Never really liked lemon squares anyway but my mom texted me asking if I had ate any and I said yeah. Felt guilty and decided to have a little. Regret it now.
New Eagle Equine
08:50:20 Eagle 🎨
I live in Texas and have only heard the sirens once. And nothing even happened. It was kinda scary though. I didn't even know we had sirens 0.0
Capricorn Elites
08:49:28 Capri | Capri-Sun
I had this lemon candy from poland that made me sick once 🙃
The Joker
08:48:42 Knight of Ootensils
We went on vacation to Hawaii years ago and they test the sirens at noon on the first saturday of the month or something like that so all the locals knew but all of the tourists were terrified
New Eagle Equine
08:48:28 Eagle 🎨
Ladybird, that happened to me once! But with Mexican candy I got on Halloween. I actually got sick a few minutes later. And I only licked it once.
Ladybird Estate
08:47:31 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Buy it I did see a really mini tiny baby tornado about 10 miles in the distance a t somepoint, never touched the ground
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