08:02:22 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Smokey black with one gene for chestnut
willow tree acres
08:00:29 aurora
lol I made another account for my sister and I to do a whole lot of little challenges and as soon as I made it I forgot what I called it XD
East of Eden Farm
smokey black, maybe?
08:00:09 Secret Grape/Spirit
But probably FR if you're not going to show the horse
East of Eden Farm
Heather I think Eeaa is black but then you have a Ccr so I'm not sure how that impacts it
07:59:17 Secret Grape/Spirit
If it's a show horse, train it in the discipline its rated E in
07:59:08 Gothic Branch

E/E/E: 1
P/E/E: 1
E/E/P: 2
P/E/P: 1
E/P/P: 1
P/E/S: 1
E/P/S: 1
S/E/P: 1
P/P/P: 7
E/S/S: 1
P/P/S: 1
S/P/P: 2
P/S/S: 3
A/A/A: 1
None: 1
07:58:35 Gothic Branch
So keep anything like SEP?
Lucky Ranch
07:57:42 Licky 🍇
And sometimes (even if you're upset about the rating) you could sell for more then you'd get for FRing. Or even just geld (if male) or put on CS (if female) and make a show horse
personally free range stallions under SSS and mares under PPP (with the exception of SEE combos) - later I free range any mares lower than PEE combos that train poorly
07:56:34 Gothic Branch
I mean, i have a lot of color in my barn.
Lucky Ranch
07:56:07 Licky 🍇
It depends on what you're breeding for.
07:54:53 Gothic Branch
What ratings do you fr under?
Sunflower Acres
07:54:46 Heather
-HEE Click-
Anyone know what color she is under the white??
07:50:00 E.X.O
Picasso's Ponies
07:49:32 Phoenix
😂 the name that the horse has from the parents is so funny
Tally Ho Farm
Thanks! Not my favorite color but I like the rating lol
07:48:26 E.X.O
-HEE Click-

Yes! Badger face
Picasso's Ponies
07:47:28 Phoenix
Ooh congrats Tally Ho!
Tally Ho Farm
-HEE Click- woohoo!
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Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

#2 AAJLB Mare January 17, 2020 10:09 AM

Sea Shanty
Posts: 13
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how much would her brood/sell be worth? I don't see many AA SD breeders for J, but would anyone else who breeds J be interested if I were to sell or brood?
shes #2 AAJLB and #25 ABJLB
#2 AAJLB Mare January 17, 2020 11:13 AM

Silver Harbour
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I do J AA SD, and would be interested in either a brood or if you were looking to sell :)

Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

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