BTS Lionblaze Farms
08:16:36 Lion
Unwanted Ones, sales chat please!
Moonland Ranch
08:16:20 Moony, Purple Army!
Unwanted, sales chat
Diamond C Ranch
08:16:04 Diamond l Cumber Bud
I use Photopea.
Moonland Ranch
08:16:00 Moony, Purple Army!
Jessie, go to sales chat for thar
Unwanted Ones
-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-

Cheap mares for brood
BTS Lionblaze Farms
08:15:49 Lion
Which editing site do you use??
Whoops wrong chat
Diamond C Ranch
08:15:48 Diamond l Cumber Bud
You should make you colors match your avi.
Diamond C Ranch
08:15:24 Diamond l Cumber Bud
Sales Jessie.
Anybody have any appendix quarter horses for sale?
Varian Arabians
08:14:28 Clock|Cucumber Bud 2
Xd, spring colors!!
Diamond C Ranch
08:14:00 Diamond l Cumber Bud
Wow! Cumber bud. I didn't know who you were for a second.
BTS Lionblaze Farms
08:13:10 Lion
I'm trying to create a horse avi for the first time and it's not going well..
Varian Arabians
08:12:33 Clock|Cucumber Bud 2
Are you sure? lol, I didn't get it...
08:10:30 MSA,moon,angel
Varian .. level 3 race joined!
Strouse Farms
08:01:18 SF..
-HEE Click- Wow
Varian Arabians
08:00:37 Clock|Cucumber Bud 2
Level 3 race up:)
Moonland Ranch
07:58:17 Moony, Purple Army!
Moonland Ranch
07:49:23 Moony, Purple Army!
I'm gonna use the rest of my data on songs to clean then come back when I get a recharge tonight so bye 😪
07:46:09 puck
Hahah I bet!
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Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

#2 AAJLB Mare January 17, 2020 10:09 AM

Sea Shanty
Posts: 12
how much would her brood/sell be worth? I don't see many AA SD breeders for J, but would anyone else who breeds J be interested if I were to sell or brood?
shes #2 AAJLB and #25 ABJLB
#2 AAJLB Mare January 17, 2020 11:13 AM

Silver Harbour
Posts: 21
I do J AA SD, and would be interested in either a brood or if you were looking to sell :)

Forums > Member Help > What's He Worth?

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