Dawn Creek Rescue
:3 Anyone wanna start a petition? xD
Cascade Range Acres
Dawn, that would be a really cool feature. If there's enough interest from players, perhaps the art team will add that in the future.
Dawn Creek Rescue
I wish you could change your horses mane/tail style, like you could braid your horses mane or button it or something.
New Eagle Equine
05:55:33 Eagle 🎨
Everyone at the vet's office loves him! They all give him lot's of love. He's spoiled rotten XD
Lucky Ranch
05:54:04 Lucky
lol yay!
New Eagle Equine
05:48:56 Eagle 🎨
Super proud of him. Vet wasn't concerned about his runny poo as he is still eating and drinking normally. He'll get fixed sometime this summer.
Cascade Range Acres
Congrats, Eagle!
New Eagle Equine
05:46:07 Eagle 🎨
Just got back from the vet. Pup is doing great!
Cascade Range Acres
Oh, Bamboozled Princess is extraordinary!
Lucky Ranch
05:42:34 Lucky
hey does anybody want to do a 1x1 rp with me?
Cascade Range Acres
When I was a kid, there was a tricolor pinto pony at the stable I hung around (big patches of black, brown, and white). His name was Calico. He must have been a bay/black tobiano chimera, but I didn't know how to appreciate that back then. I wish I still had photos of him.
05:38:26 Legion
Mine's on silent while I'm at work and I'll sometimes forget to take it off when I go home
I was not expecting that to happen, lol.. was just capturing mares to breed/release for capture and FR questing.
Lucky Ranch
05:37:35 Lucky
beautiful! and brindle!
Oh she's pretty!
Well then.
-HEE Click-
Cascade Range Acres
I put my phone on that setting when I am studying. I'm so bad at taking it off again.
Dawn Creek Stables
Hmm.. I'm hungry. I'll be back XD
05:34:29 Legion
..Yeah. I've missed calls because I forgot I had my phone on silent.
Fire and Ice
Both are pretty
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