Stone Haven Farm
09:25:18 Court
Hi :D
Prismatic Cove
09:23:46 Rem | Bo
Thats fair lol
I have yet to even try starting apricots e.e
DragonFyre Estate
09:23:05 Whip
They're here!!
09:22:24 Technically Tangle
Fingers crossed that all that shine comes through, Cali
California Valley
09:20:53 Cali | Kale | Calz
AD with color like all of my other breeds lol
Prismatic Cove
09:20:11 Rem | Bo
Whats your project for?
California Valley
09:18:26 Cali | Kale | Calz
This for 168. Finally taking my small AA project seriously
-HEE Click-
Prismatic Cove
09:17:53 Rem | Bo
I hope I get a W+ just because I miss needing to track a new horse's training xd
Azure Eyes
09:15:32 Azure
Thank you Ceci, I actually went to test it.^^
09:13:40 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Azure, yes
Azure Eyes
09:13:03 Azure
Is it.possible to breed with someone's Mares that's up for brood at then use a straw?
Running R Ranch
09:10:02 RRR (Jo)
And a good boy! :D
-HEE Click-
It's not cool. We live in an area where we mostly get huge black snakes, rattle snakes, and copperheads
Running R Ranch
09:09:05 RRR (Jo)
Good girl <3
-HEE Click-
Wild Warmbloods
09:07:25 Wild / WW

Ahh. Must've been pretty cool. Darn, where I live the biggest snake is like a foot long XD
Stray Stables
09:06:08 Fish | Grey | Queen
He was just a plain old black snake. We had to get rid of him before he hid away in our firewood or somewhere he could jump out and bite someone or bite my dog oreo
Wild Warmbloods
09:04:18 Wild / WW
Ooo I love snakes! What species?
Stray Stables
09:03:34 Fish | Grey | Queen
We just had a 5+ foot black snake in our yard and just ew *shudders*
Gemstone Stable
08:42:31 Snow❆Gem
I have to go now. I should be on later. Have a good day everyone!
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Eldritch's Art Shop July 20, 2022 03:32 PM
Flying Change Farms
Posts: 18
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Hi! Im Eldritch. I'm a bit new here so if i need to change my prices, let me know!
So, I want eden bucks. You want art. You give me eden bucks, I give you art. Congradulations, we have now invented an economy.
My art is definetly more cartoony, so if you were looking for something super realistic, this is probably not the shop for you!
I can also do special orders if you want someting you don't see, just ask!
I can do animals, and furries the best, but I am willing to try mechs, and can only do humans front view.
Now, let's take a look at those prices, shall we?

Headshot: 500
Shaded Headshot: 650
Bust: 600
Shaded Bust: 750
Halfbody: 1k
Shaded Halfbody: 1.5k
Fullbody: 3k
Shaded Fullbody: 4k
Scene: 8k
Shaded Scene: 10k
If you want to add more characters/horses to a piece, it is full price for each character. However, if it is a scene, the first two are included in the base price and each additional character you only have to pay for the fullbody or headshot or however much that character is in it (if that makes sense)
if you are interested in a refrence sheet or something animated, let me know and we'll figure out a price depending on what exactly you want! I can also do stuff traditionally, with graphite pencils. it will be more realistic, and cost more, but I can do that too.
Order Form:
Piece Size:
Pose description:
Anything you want it based off of:
Anything else:
Eldritch's Art Shop August 5, 2022 09:29 PM

Posts: 36
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hello, im not sure if this is still open, if it is, can i pm you my characters instead?
Order Form:
Name: era
Piece Size: any (traditional for all)
Character(s): pm?
Pose description: headshots/busts
Anything you want it based off of: their personalities/likes/dislikes
Anything else: 2 different headshots/busts for each character if possible. Im willing to pay more than the prices listed above.
Eldritch's Art Shop August 7, 2022 12:19 PM
Flying Change Farms
Posts: 18
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yeah sure! you can pm me the characters! also i can do that!

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