Pacific Crest Trail
Thanks, Eyrie!
Pacific Crest Trail
I'm wondering if her week 12 is off or is right in line with the three week cycle that started in week 3. There is definitely a pattern to her training.
Pacific Crest Trail
Thanks, Adskiy! Should I try different stallions then? Would it be good to find a dressage stallion that is exceptionally strong in strength?
Eyrie of the Stars
01:10:38 Eyrie
She looks pretty strong to me. I don't do SD, but I remember people talking about what they look for. From what I remember being up wk 3 and all up wk 4 means they're good.
Amhain Dull Liath
01:09:32 Adskiy
Well, 12's off. Still not awful.
Amhain Dull Liath
01:08:32 Adskiy
Training-wise, I'd say she's doing very well. Decent SDs are on 3 week cycles typically.
Pacific Crest Trail
I'm trying to determine whether she is a weak WC. Her offspring so far are disappointing, so I fear she may be weak.
Singing Gem Stables
01:06:03 Gem
Pacific - Yes, that's what the sorry was for- I realized I responded before fully absorbing all of the information. Again sorry. I don't deal with WC yet (my highests are all Elites) but I'm guessing your assessment sounds about right.
Pacific Crest Trail
Oh, you caught that. Never mind. :)
Pacific Crest Trail
Gem, she's an SD-Dressage horse, so she is only training in Dressage. It makes no sense to train an SD in everything.

Here's the confusion: I have plenty of horses that are merely elite for their single discipline on my main account. Their stats are easy to interpret because the grow in 4 week cycles. Hence, week 4 is important, week 8 is important, and week 12 is important.

This mare is World Class in her discipline and appears to be on a three week cycle. Is she a weak WC?
Singing Gem Stables
01:01:23 Gem
I just looked at your tracking and realized you were only tracking for Dressage - sorry. I think your assessment is accurate?
Singing Gem Stables
01:00:06 Gem
When they aren't specialized they train in all of the traits and then tracking will show you which ones level up more quickly and that tells you what she's strong or weak in
Singing Gem Stables
12:59:18 Gem
Pacific - It's hard to know because you have her training in Dressage. In order to read the stats you have to have her training in all of them (not specialized)
Pacific Crest Trail
I am having trouble interpreting this mare's stats. -HEE Click-

Can anyone help me? Is she exceptionally strong in Movement and Intelligence? Is she weak in Strength? Both?!?!
Singing Gem Stables
12:57:08 Gem
Oh my word well aren't you just the most adorable! -HEE Click-
Eyrie of the Stars
12:55:55 Eyrie
Rollover is always on the first of the next real life month.
Amhain Dull Liath
12:55:09 Adskiy
Rollover is always the first of every month at ~2:30am GT.
Rose Kiss Estates
12:54:24 Lizzy/Rose
whens rollover anyone know :o
Pony Eventing
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
i am thinking about this
Wild West Barns
-HEE Click- Need a name for this filly
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